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Ubuntu Accomplishments Team Meeting

With the Ubuntu Accomplishments project continuing to grow with work now firmly going into the 0.3 release, fixing bugs, and working on a web gallery for trophies and opportunities, there is a lot of exciting work going on. It is really important that we can grow a healthy, diverse, and welcoming Ubuntu Accomplishments community. As […]

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Ubuntu App Showdown: Gallery Of Progress

Last week the Ubuntu App Showdown Contest kicked off; a competition in which you lovely people have three weeks to create an awesome app that wows the judges on functionality, presentation/integration, innovation, usefulness, and quality. Up for grabs are System76 laptops and Nokia N9 phones as well as Ubuntu t-shirts and off course…the kudos and […]

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Harassment vs. Offense

This is a long post, so to keep you reading and engaged, I am going to intersperse amusing kitten photos to keep this ball rolling. Hang in there, folks. We have a slippery slope forming in some communities (fortunately, I am not referring to Ubuntu here) surrounding how to handle cases of community members verbally […]

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Ubuntu Accomplishments 0.2: One Week Later

Last week we released the 0.2 release of Ubuntu Accomplishments. As is typical with a new release, as soon as it comes out and you are busy with the post-release bits and pieces, the rest of your life grabs you by the scruff of your neck too. This has been a hectic week to say […]

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Create Your First App For Ubuntu

Last night I created a tutorial video for how to get started creating your very first app for Ubuntu. In the tutorial I show you how to create a simple web browser by generating a new project, customizing the user interface, writing some code, and then generating a package. You can see the video below: […]

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My First Father’s Day

I am delighted to share with you folks that my wife Erica and I are expecting our first child. Erica is coming up to 20 weeks and we will be due in November. We don’t know the gender of the baby, but we will find out in the next few weeks. Naturally we are both […]

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Ubuntu Accomplishments 0.2 Released

Today I am delighted to announce the availability of our second Ubuntu Accomplishments release: version 0.2. You can read more about the release below, or the impatient among you can install it. You will need to be running Ubuntu 12.04 to use this release (Ubuntu 12.10 packages are being worked on). Please Note: 0.1 users […]

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The Art of Community Second Edition Released

Back in 2009 I had my book on community management and best practice published. It was called The Art of Community, published by O’Reilly. When it came out I was pretty nervous. It was arguably the first book on community management, and structuring the many and varied topics of community management into a cohesive text […]

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Ubuntu App Developer Goings On

With the release of Ubuntu 12.04, there have been many different viewpoints on which parts are the most important features and facilities for our users; Unity, the HUD, application choice etc etc. Let me show you what I consider to be one of the most important parts of Ubuntu: The Ubuntu Software Center is the […]

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3D Python Game Development

Panda3D looks awesome as a Python powered 3D game engine. I can imagine this, tied with a Quickly template, and their awesome docs and awesome manual could be a compelling platform for game development on Ubuntu. An example of Panda3D in action. Unfortunately, it is not available in the repositories. Anyone interested in packaging it?

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