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Staring Into The Abyss: Some Thoughts

Last week Benjamin Otte shared some thoughts about GNOME that were pretty stark. It gathered some steam and hit Slashdot and this all happened the week GUADEC was taking place in A Coruña. I wasn’t at GUADEC but I can imagine there was some fervent discussion about the blog entry. The gist of Benjamin’s blog […]

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Unity On Fedora

I meant post about this previously, but have been catching up with email post-CLS/OSCON. I was delighted to read the news of Unity entering Fedora. Although many associate Unity with Ubuntu, we would like to encourage the wider adoption of Unity in other Linux distributions and projects. Unity is a desktop that is designed to […]

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Ubuntu Accomplishments: Call For Volunteers

As some of you will be aware, we have working on a project called Ubuntu Accomplishments in recent months. We are making good progress with the project and are working to our 0.3 release. The goals of this release will be: Assure quality and stability in the platform. Provide the ability to publish your accomplishments […]

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Building Strong Community Structural Integrity

In my previous writings I have talked a lot about how to build strong foundations in our communities. Namely, that we should strive to build belonging, and that a sense of belonging is what transitions drive-by contributors that are expensive and time-consuming to spin up, into regular community contributors who provide significant and sustained contributions. […]

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Community Leadership Summit 2012

Click to see bigger. With a busy week away, I am just catching back up with everything. I just wanted to take a few minutes to talk about the Community Leadership Summit 2012 that happened the weekend before OSCON. You can also read a wonderful write-up from Andy Oram. This was the fourth Community Leadership […]

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Interviewed by Scott Hanselman

Last week at OSCON I was interviewed by Scott Hanselman. It was an interesting discussion – in it we discussed community leadership, Ubuntu, meritocracy, governance, conflict, the community/company relationship, working with Mark Shuttleworth, and more. You can listen to it here.

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Web App Integration In Ubuntu

Mark just presented some interesting new technology at OSCON, both using Juju to redeploy between different clouds with just a few commands, and integration of Web Apps into the Ubuntu desktop. I wanted to follow up with some details of the latter. Firstly, you can see this in action in the following video: Can’t see […]

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Steam on Ubuntu

Naturally, I am delighted with the news of Steam coming to Ubuntu. While everyone is happy about getting their favorite games on Ubuntu, I think there is another subtle yet important gem in this announcement. Creating a AAA title such as Left 4 Dead is an expensive and time consuming process. This expense is not […]

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Thunderbird and Ubuntu

Regarding Fabián’s concerns about Ubuntu and Thunderbird, I can assure you that Canonical’s stance has not changed: we will continue to ship the brightest and best Free Software by default in Ubuntu. In terms of email clients, today’s choice is considered to be Thunderbird…at another time it may be another app. Importantly, Thunderbird will be […]

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Forthcoming CLS/OSCON Schedule

On Friday I will be traveling to Portland, Oregon to run the Community Leadership Summit 2012 this weekend and then join OSCON the following week. While I will be dipping into some sessions and meeting folks at the two events, I also use these events as an opportunity to coordinate and schedule meetings while at […]

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