Unity On Fedora

I meant post about this previously, but have been catching up with email post-CLS/OSCON.

I was delighted to read the news of Unity entering Fedora. Although many associate Unity with Ubuntu, we would like to encourage the wider adoption of Unity in other Linux distributions and projects. Unity is a desktop that is designed to provide a unified experience not only on your desktop for GNOME, KDE and other apps, but also across different devices and screens.

With Unity getting more eyeballs from Fedora and other distributions, we would like to welcome you folks into the upstream community. If you would like to participate in programming, design, testing, support or other ways of contributing, you are more than welcome! You can find out more here and feel free to post questions of how to participate to the Unity development mailing list or the Unity design mailing list. You can also join our IRC channel at #ubuntu-unity on freenode.

If you are an application author and would like to have your app hook into the rich user interface components in Unity such as indicators, quicklists, notification bubbles, global menu integration, messaging and sound indicators, and more, you can find out how to do this easily by reading here or using the awesome Hello Unity.

  • http://twitter.com/jspaleta Jef Spaleta

    Please, can you edit the entry. The repo you point has packages that are not in a submittable shape for the Fedora repository. Some of us are actually trying to wok through creating an updated packagingset that is conformant. That work is not helped by publicly lifting up deeply disruptive non-compliant packaging as on track to becoming official when there’s been no such intent communicated at all.

    Please don’t imply that that particular repository as described in the omgubuntu article as “entering Fedora” It is not. The packages in that repository replaces many of the official fedora packages in order to shoehorn a version of unity into the system contrary to established Fedora packaging guidance. While interesting, its inappropriate to encourage end-user who are not equipped troubleshoot the resulting problems to use these packages. It’s doubtful that those packages will be the basis for Unity packages which do get submitted for peer review as part of entry into the Fedora repository. And I would very pointedly recommanded end-users to avoid using that repository because of they way it replaces official Fedora packages in an uncoordinated way.


  • http://www.cerebrux.net/ Salih Emin

     Jef, your concerns are valid and yes this repos are for testing purposes. But anyone who uses Fedora, is capable enough, to overcome any troubles. In other word if you use fedora, you know scuba diving 😉

  • http://twitter.com/jspaleta Jef Spaleta

    Salith, Thanks you for that. I’ll remember to remind users of that when they come into the community support irc channel fedora looking for assistance.  Based on your intimate understanding of the entire Fedora userbase, I will encourage each one of them to solve their trouble on their own without expert assistance.  In fact I’m going to recommend we disband the support communication mediums entirely, that’s how influential you statement has been for me.


  • https://launchpad.net/~huayra Rubén Romero


    Nice to see wider adoption of Unity. It certainly needs more peers in order to raise the bar on its quality.

    What is Canonical’s intent regarding the usage of Unity beyond the Ubuntu user base? Is there a plan strategically speaking, or is it to be driven by the communty alone?

    Last time I checked (just before the 12.04 release) Unity was not being packaged for Debian. Shouldn’t Canonical actually take care of this as a good upstream for the Unity project? Also, I believe that it is probably easier to have it ready for Debian, than packaging it for Fedora, no?

  • http://www.cerebrux.net/ Salih Emin

    Jef I’m sorry. I didn’t meant to offend you. I have been misunderstood. Let me try to elaborate. As an experienced user I know what a repository is and what may happen if use something that is outside of the repositories that are supported by fedora. If I don’t know what it is, I whould never use it or even know were to find it. So, what I am trying to say is that there are some things that comes first an then some things that come after e.g. first you understand what a distribution is consist of, then you understand what the concept of repo is and then you can “play” with them. As a fedora user you are well informed of the concept of repository from the first day because in most cases to make some things work you will have to add some repos. I hope I clarified my previous statement and wish to apologize again if I offended you

  • http://www.facebook.com/benjamim.gois Benjamim Gois

    Salih, don’t take Jeff to serious. He’s a famous character in ubuntu comunity for the trolling comments.

  • GuestWhore

    let’s all pretend that the reaction to Unity is a positive one with glowing reports from all comrade… there is no dissent, its all good.

    heck, try what our LUG does so you can confirm its undeniable appeal:  put up 3-4 desktops including Unity and then let newbies test them and tell us how many people choose Unity. Our numbers on an install base of about 300+ new Linux users in the past year at our installfests tells us that its around 5% who will pick Unity when they are given it as one of many paradigms to choose from. Im sure your numbers probably say that its 95%…

    But choice is NEVER a bad thing. If users want to use something, they should because ONLY THE USER knows best what they like.

  • Waldi

    Unity “entering” Fedora? Seriously, dude, this is so misleading. Somebody prepped some packages, but they haven’t entered Fedora. And it is unlikely they will any time soon, as long as it requires many patched libs and Canonical didnt get those patches upstream.

    This is like claiming that emacs was now part of Windows, just because somebody ported emacs to Windows and made an .msi out of it.

    Please correct this blog story: otherwise you are just spreading misinformation and untruths. And next time please do your research first, thank you very much.