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Happy Birthday, Debian!

Photo Credit Like many others, I just wanted to offer my birthday wishes to Debian! Debian continues to be the rock on which Ubuntu is built, and many thanks to the wonderful Debian community for all their wonderful work. Without Debian Ubuntu would be nothing, and I am grateful every day for not only such […]

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Ubuntu Accomplishments: The Hacking History

Today I put together a short video showing the evolution of the Ubuntu Accomplishments code base: Can’t see the video? See it here! Thanks to everyone who has joined the Ubuntu Accomplishments family to help out! We still need more help though, so come and join us!

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How One Teacher Built a Computer Lab for Free Using Ubuntu

You should all see this wonderfully inspiring story of a teach who created a school computer lab for $0 using old computers running Ubuntu. There is a fantastic video you should see that is part of the post.

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My Barbecue Adventure

I usually use my blog for talking about my work and technology-related projects, but today I wanted to share a fun adventure that I have been on recently. There is nothing Ubuntu or community management related in here, but I think it my tickle the interest of some of you, in the same way this […]

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Japanese Bacon

When I was at the Community Leadership Summit and OSCON a few weeks back I had the pleasure of meeting Masafumi Ohta who is a passionate Ubuntu user who had flown from Nerima-ku in Japan to the event. Masafumi very generously gave me a print copy of Ubunchu; thanks, Masafumi, for the kindness! Today I […]

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Free Official Ubuntu Book For Approved LoCo Teams

Once again we have a wonderful free book to give away from Prentice Hall, the rather spanky-awesome publishers of The Official Ubuntu Book by Matthew Helmke and Amber Graner with Kyle Rankin, Benjamin Mako Hill, and myself. The book was commissioned by Debra Williams-Cauley who has been awesome getting them on the shelves, and her […]

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Ubuntu Accomplishments Live Video Tutorials Coming Up

Just a quick reminder to you lovely people that we will be having some live video tutorial sessions over the next few days that explain how Ubuntu Accomplishments works and how to get involved in the project. You can join all of these sessions at The schedule is below: Also, next week we are […]

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Ubuntu Accomplishments: Building Maturity

Progress on Ubuntu Accomplishments has been moving apace. For those of you who have not been keeping score, we released 0.1 earlier this year which provided a first cut of the core system working. We then followed up with our 0.2 release which brought many refinements to the system based upon user feedback and the […]

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Ubuntu Developer Summit Sponsorship Now Open

The Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) is the most important event in the Ubuntu calendar. It is where we get together to discuss, design, and plan the next version of Ubuntu; in this case the Ubuntu 13.04 release. The next UDS takes place at Bella Centre, Copenhagen, Denmark from the 29th Oct – 1st Nov. You […]

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