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Ubuntu Accomplishments 0.3 Released!

It has been a little while since I last talked about Ubuntu Accomplishments, but there has been ferocious work going on in the project. The new release includes a number of important features and refinements. The goal of the 0.3 has been to focus on quality. Our intention here was to raise the reliability and […]

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Be a Good Person. Give Me Money.

The other day I announced our 24-hour horsemen marathon. In a nutshell, we in the Canonical Community Team are going to work for a continuous 24-hour session on Thursday next week. Each of us has picked a charity that we are going to support and I wanted to share some words on why I picked […]

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Online Dash Search Update

A quick update on the online dash search feature. The shopping lens feature is currently in the 12.10 development branch and undergoing extensive testing; thanks to Nick Skaggs for rallying folks around this additional testing to assure quality. You will be able to disable the feature if you wish. There is work going on to […]

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Get Ready For The 24-Hour Horsemen Marathon

This photo taken when we toured with Justin Bieber. See that motley crew above? That is my team, the Community Team at Canonical. I am blessed to have such a wonderful team; not only are they all fantastic community leaders, but they are just a fun bunch of guys in general to be around. A […]

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Video Q+A This Week

I haven’t done a video Q+A for a while and I would like to start them up again this week. As such on Wed 26th Sep 2012 at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern / 6pm UTC / 7pm UK / 8pm Europe I will be streaming live on Ubuntu On Air. Be sure to join […]

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More Information About Online Dash Search Privacy

Recently there has been some concerns about the privacy of the new feature we recently added to the dash in which it can query external resources to provide related results. I just wanted to follow up with some further details about how these searches are performed, the privacy protections that are put in place, and […]

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On The Recent Dash Improvements

In the last few days there has been some discussion in the community about some improvements that have been added to the dash in Ubuntu 12.10. I wanted to take a few minutes to share some thoughts about these improvements and some of the concerns raised. If you are anything like me, you are both […]

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Save The Children Birthday Fund-raiser Update

Yesterday was my birthday, and I kicked off a fund-raiser for Save The Children. Thanks to the fantastic generosity of you wonderful people, the current total as I write this is $627. This is awesome, thank-you so much! Unfortunately it is not enough awesome. I would like to see if we can stick a smooth […]

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Birthday Boy: Let’s Do Something Good

Today I turned 33. Another year and another birthday, and another shocking realization that I am an adult and not a long-haired 18-year-old dork playing Metallica in his bedroom. Fortunately I am not said dork (well, mostly), and I am hugely thankful for the life I am blessed to have. I am thankful for my […]

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Attending The Next UDS Remotely

I just wanted to let you folks know that unfortunately I won’t be joining you in person at the next Ubuntu Developer Summit in Copenhagen in October. The timing of the event is too close for comfort to the due date for our first baby and the timing unfortunately means I can’t attend UDS without […]

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