Giving Thanks

Today is Thanksgiving in America; a day we spend with our families giving thanks for the people and lives we have. Although an English ex-pat, I absolutely love thanksgiving and always get into the spirit of the day.

This year is a very special thanksgiving. Just over a week ago on the 14th November at 5.26am my wife Erica gave birth to our first baby, Jack Taylor Bacon:

Kermit The Frog photo-bomb.

Both Baby Jack and Erica are doing great after a smooth delivery. Thank-you to the wonderful staff at John Muir hospital. The delivery and post-partum staff were absolutely stunning in helping us get our parenthood off on the right foot.

Erica and I, and our families, are tremendously thankful to be blessed with such a happy, healthy, bouncing boy. I have always been a pretty happy kinda guy, but I never knew just how much happier I could be.

I feel so lucky and blessed to be surrounded by wonderful family across England, America, and Italy, fantastic friends and colleagues at Canonical, and many wonderful friends across the world. Thank-you all so much for everything you do. You are all good people.

I am excited about the future. A beautiful family and taking Ubuntu and Free Software to new levels, devices, and people provides a lot to be motivated about. Let’s roll. :-)

  • Jorge Castro

    No drumsticks in his hands yet? m/

  • Robbie

    Now, my friend, you are officially a GROWN ASS MAN!

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations for this incredible and beautiful gift! And for this new Ubuntu user too! Take care of them. A family is the most precious thing in the world. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

  • Michael Hall

    Because of today, I don’t know if you mean a turkey leg, or an actual stick for a drum.

  • Anonymous


  • Greg

    Congrats man! All the best for you and your family

  • Bryce Harrington

    He sure makes up for you in the hair department! Seriously though, he looks like the sort of baby that’s going to love every hobby you have. At least, until puberty…

  • Anonymous

    Ok. Congratulations. But personal life is personal.

    Now, on the job:


  • Anonymous