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Happy Holidays!

Just a quick post to wish all of you a safe and happy holidays, wherever you may be, and whoever you are spending it with. This year was a great year for Ubuntu, and a great year for Free Software. Step by step we are bringing freedom of technology to more and more people across […]

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Creating An Awesome LoCo Support Community

Our LoCo Teams are a wonderful part of the Ubuntu community. They provide a fantastic place for Ubuntu users to meet other users locally and enjoy Ubuntu together either online or in person. LoCo Teams also often get together to help share Ubuntu with others and encourage local schools, charities, businesses and others to use […]

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Ubuntu Advocacy Development Kit Packaged

Earlier this week I blogged about the Ubuntu Advocacy Development Kit; designed to be a simple, straight-forward kit that includes all the documentation and materials that you need to to join and create LoCo Teams and help spread the word about Ubuntu in your area (whether in a LoCo Team or not). This is part […]

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Ubuntu Accomplishments 13.04 Update

At the beginning of the 13.04 cycle one of the plans I put in place for my team was the deployment of Ubuntu Accomplishments as a production service for our community. This work involves the following components: Deploying the validation server on Canonical hardware and managed by the IS team. Deploying the web gallery to […]

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Kicking Off The Ubuntu Advocacy Developer Kit

A little while back I posted about an idea I was discussing with the rest of the community team about a downloadable advocacy kit that, similar to an SDK for software, provides everything you need to get started spreading the word about Ubuntu. Dubbed the Advocacy Developer Kit (ADK), the idea is that a single […]

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Community Team Meetings and LoCo Teams

Some ago I used to host weekly public IRC meetings for my team at Canonical. Back then we used to primarily use it as an opportunity to provide a status update of what we had been working on. The meetings then tapered off a little bit as we needed to use the slot for other […]

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On Being Childish; An Apology

On Friday I wrote an article responding to a post by Richard Stallman. Over the weekend both posts caused quite a flurry of discussion; thank-you to everyone who contributed constructive feedback. In my post I referred to Richard’s position as seeming a bit ‘childish‘ to me. As with every post that I write, I reflect […]

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Improving Community ‘Getting Involved’ Documentation

For quite some time now we have had some information about how to join the Ubuntu community at This documentation has traditionally been pretty limited, doesn’t really help get people started effectively, and doesn’t represent the humanity and personal nature of being part of the Ubuntu community. We want to change that in this […]

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On Richard Stallman and Ubuntu

This is a personal post and does not neccessarily represent the views of Canonical or the Ubuntu community. Today Richard Stallman, founder of the GNU project and Free Software Foundation wrote a critical post accusing Ubuntu of shipping spyware (which is referring to the online search capabilities of the Ubuntu dash). He goes on to […]

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The Art of Community Update

A few months ago the second edition of my book The Art of Community was released. You can buy the book in print or for your e-reader/tablet, or you download the Creative Commons licensed PDF. If you download the free PDF all I ask is that you put a review up somewhere online to help […]

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