This Week’s Ubuntu Q&A

This week’s live video Q&A is in the normal time slot of every Wednesday at 7pm UTC (click here for the time in your location this week).

As ever, you are welcome to ask me absolutely anything about Ubuntu, Free Software, Community Management, Technology, or anything else. The only questions I don’t accept are tech support questions – Ask Ubuntu, IRC and the Ubuntu Forums are better resources for that.

To join, head over to Ubuntu On Air at 7pm UTC on Wednesday and you can ask your questions in the embedded chat box.

Look forward to seeing you all there!

  • Ricardo N Feliciano

    Is every Q&A at 7pm UTC? I’m on Eastern Time and miss it the days I work.

  • Niklas Rosenqvist

    Please go for Wayland as the display server, It would be best for the free software ecosystem!

  • St. Martin Of Tours

    Yes Mr Bacon, I am asking you to give up being right about Ubuntu reinventing the wheel. Please, do it for the sake of Linux on the Desktop, as well as Linux being the next desktop OS X without the horrendous prices of Apple hardware.

  • José Antonio Rey

    It is, but you can watch all the past sessions at