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Smart Scopes Not Landing In 13.04, Will Land in 13.10

As some of you may know the dash team has been working to get the new smart scopes functionality in the dash ready for 13.04; this functionality delivers a far more comprehensive dash experience, performing searches over 50 or more different data sources. This feature makes the dash dramatically more useful by searching a far […]

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Introducing BBQpad

Recently I have been working on a project with my best buddy Stuart ‘Aq’ Langridge, called BBQpad. I haven’t really talked much about it on my blog as we have been fixing up the rough edges, but I wanted to share a little about it now. As some of you will know, I have been […]

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More Regular, Open, and Transparent Planning

Continuing with the work to refine and improve how we build Ubuntu in an open, transparent, and collaborative way, I want to take a few minutes to discuss some work going on to improve the regularity of our planning and the benefits this brings. Traditionally planning for Ubuntu has worked like this. We ship a […]

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Recent Ubuntu Community Refinements

Our community is at the heart of how we build Ubuntu. Recently there were some concerns expressed about some aspects of our community and I have been working with various community members and internally at Canonical to resolve some of these issues to make things smoother. I just wanted to summarize some updates: Regular, transparent […]

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Refining and Improving Virtual UDS

Last week we ran our very first virtual Ubuntu Developer Summit. The event lasted two days and gave us an opportunity to try out a new format and to see how well it worked. Generally it seems we got some pretty favorable feedback, but there are definitely some areas in which we want to sand […]

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Ubuntu Q&A This Week

This week’s live video Q&A is in a slightly later time slot this week on Wednesday at 8pm UTC (click here for the time in your location this week). As usual everyone is welcome to bring any and all questions to the Q&A. To join, head over to Ubuntu On Air at 8pm UTC on […]

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Thoughts On Recent Community Concerns

Recently there has been some fire flowing about Canonical in the community. These concerns started off as sporadic at first and then we saw a small blog avalanche (blogalanche, if you will) as a number of folks piled onto the ride. I feel somewhat trapped in the middle of all of this. On one hand […]

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Online UDS Day One: Feedback Welcome!

I just wanted to post a quick blog entry thanking everyone who joined the first day of our inaugural online Ubuntu Developer Summit today. Overall we didn’t see many glitches in our plan of how to run the event, and we also gathered some fantastic feedback for things we can improve and extend upon next […]

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Getting Started With The First Online Ubuntu Developer Summit

Tomorrow we will be running our very first online Ubuntu Developer Summit. The event will take place over two days and span a range of different tracks: Community, Client, Cloud & Server, App Developers, and Foundations. We have never run an event like this before, but we have prepared extensively to deliver the best online […]

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Make a Difference To a Three Year Old Boy With Cancer

I just want to echo Tony’s appeal to help three year-old Sam who was diagnosed with high risk neuroblastoma, a particularly aggressive cancer. It has spread from the main tumor into his bones and bone marrow. That makes it a class 4 cancer, the most advanced on the scale. The long term survival rate for […]

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