Congratulations to Microsoft Open Technologies

Recently Microsoft Open Technologies celebrated their one year anniversary. I just wanted to offer my congratulations on this important milestone.

Now, it could be tempting for some of you to become a little snitty about Microsoft wanting to engage more openly with people, but I believe that this project (as well as the OuterCurve Foundation; a different but similarly themed entity) should be celebrated. These are important steps in Microsoft evolving into a more open future, and folks such as Gianugo Rabellino from Microsoft Open Technologies and Paula Hunter and Stephen Walli from the OuterCurve Foundation are doing wonderful work in treading these careful steps forward. All three of these folks have been tremendously supportive of Open Source, community (including sponsoring the Community Leadership Summit multiple times), and demonstrate a real commitment to delivering those values in a historically proprietary culture. I can imagine that this is not particularly easy work, and I commend them for their commitment, and Microsoft for their evolution as a company.

Open Source has had a profound impact on the world, and for a company with such a philosophically different history to commit staff and resources to exploring a more open future, well, I think this is a fantastic step forward for Microsoft, Open Source, and wider interoperability.

The Microsoft Open Technologies team will be celebrating on Thursday in Silicon Valley with their anniversary party. Be sure to head over there; unfortunately I am unable to join due to another commitment.

Congratulations, Microsoft Open Technologies!

  • Anonymous

    So, there was a good side in Microsoft after all.

  • vander

    yes a think so

  • ScottK

    It’s only good if you think it actually means anything has changed. Look at all the effort they are putting into proxy patent fights against free software and ask yourself where their heart truly lies.

  • Guillermo Garron

    It may mean that there is good people working at Microsoft.

  • Rahul Sundaram

    It is a company. Companies don’t have a “heart” People do and just like any other large company, MS does both. Sometimes they work with open source folks. Sometimes they work against them.

  • Anonymous


  • Stuart Ward

    First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

  • Paula Hunter

    Thanks Jono, a pleasure to work with you too. See you in May.

  • Daniel Hughes

    When you see someone doing something that you like you congratulate them, to positively reinforce the behavior that you want.

    We want more open source right? The best possible outcome is not that Microsoft dies but rather that it embraces opensource and becomes a power for good in the opensource world, contributing back to the community.

    This may be a hard one for many free software advocates who have built there personal identities around hating microsoft.

  • ScottK
  • CSRedRat


  • NM

    Is this the same Microsoft that’s suing Android folks left, right and centre for “breaching” their “patents”? And the same Microsoft who continues to tell my clients that Linux isn’t suitable for “serious” hosting?

  • john smith

    No, what i want is justice! You pink-unicorn world is so naïve that I expect you to be 10 years old.

    Microsoft is neither a pony nor a child, positive reinforcement doesn’t work. What is needed is responsibility and accountability.

    The world and open source movement will survive just fine without the 99.9% evil, 0.1% good Microsoft that you expect them to be.

  • john smith

    You should be awarded the DoubleSpeak Award ( as this article is so filled with doublespeak and newspeak.

    Let’s ignore “open source” for a moment because if we have principles and we defend them we are accuse of being “fanatics”.

    Let’s see this from a citizen of the world:

    Microsoft is a criminal organization convicted in 3 (three) different continents.

    Microsoft that bullies, blackmails, intimidates every competitor with lawsuits based on patents so has to reduce the competition and therefore reduce the alternatives, diversity of products and low prices.

    Microsoft that doesn’t respect for their clients privacy or their security.

    Microsoft is one of the big proponents of the new wave of copyright fundamentalism, that wants to criminalize everything and eliminate every consumer right, even the fair use rights.

    Microsoft that is one the big proponents of laws that to reduce and even eliminate freedom of speech on the Internet.

    Microsoft that hires and bribes people to go on Forums and web sites (like for example to silence criticism of the company and their products and post highly praise comments and articles of their products. They are also initiating campaigns of disinformation and smear against their competitors.

    All of this happen last year and continues to happen this year. This is not old behaviour. This is ingrained in their corporate culture.

    So continue to write doublespeak about Microsoft. How they are wonderful at eliminating choice and diversity, eliminating products just because those products are not from Microsoft. At being a big proponent of software patents.

    All these examples show that Microsoft is demonstrating a “REAL COMMITMENT TO DELIVERING THOSE VALUES” (of open source).

  • john smith

    Another two examples (from this year):

    The recent EU commission complaint by Microsoft and Nokia, because Google is too close. Hilarious!

    And then ordering their new puppy dog Nokia threaten Google with patents about their video codec VP8, this a day after Google announced it had achieved a commitment from the MPEG LA Mafia to declare VP8 and VP9 free from any danger cloud of patents threats.

    Yes, Microsoft is so wonderful, because is they have three employees that you find to be “nice people”.