Unity 8 Running on Mir on a Galaxy Nexus

Hot on the heels of my last post showing Unity 8 running on Mir on a Macbook Pro Retina, there were some folks who were curious about how well Unity and Mir work on a phone.

Well, thanks to your friend and mine, Kevin Gunn, you can see a video of Unity 8 on Mir running on a Galaxy Nexus (which is by no means a super-powerful smartphone these days):

Can’t see the video? See it here!

Again, just to emphasize, this has not been through a round of performance optimizations, so you can expect additional performance improvements in the future, but I think this demonstrates that we are heading in the right direction. :-)

If you are interested in participating in Mir development, click here and if you are interested in participating in Unity 8, click here.

  • http://twitter.com/jspaleta Jef Spaleta

    I look forward to seeing how Unity8 on a phone compares with SailfishOS on the same hardware. Hopefully one day soon, both OSes will be able to run on the same hardware target. Maybe as soon as May 20th so a hardware-agnostic comparison of different qml based UI concepts can be made in an apples-to-apples comparison.

  • Sicofante

    Mmmm, AFAIK, Jolla is developing their own hardware for Sailfish, so I’m not sure the hardware will have Android drivers available, but if they do, it will definitely be an interesting comparison. Put Firefox OS into the mix too.

    I for one expect a lot from Finnish finishing 😉 when it comes to hardware design (I think Nokia has still unsurpassed industrial design), so if the Jolla phone supports Android drivers and Ubuntu Phone OS can run on it, I bet they’ll produce THE phone for my needs.

  • Anonymous

    Unity for Android, PLEASE!

  • James Oscar

    What’s the main purpose of Mir development? web hosting