For some time now we have wanted to improve the community pages on While the pages there provided an overview of the community they really didn’t serve us or our new community members very well.

At UDS in Copenhagen back in November we agreed to work on a project to build a new set of community pages, but in a more scalable and accessible way, and in a way that is easier to maintain and improve. We worked together as a community to coordinate a docs jam, to identify what content was needed, start building some of the core material, put together a WordPress instance, get it themed and prettified, and then review the content and get it trimmed, concise, and accessible. The final result is fantastic, detailed, and provides a wonderful springboard for contributing. I plan on having a regular session at every forthcoming UDS to discuss improvements and refinements to the pages to ensure they serve our community well.

Many people contributed their time to this project, and I want to offer my thanks to everyone who helped drive it forward. I want to highlight one person in particular though, Daniel Holbach on my team, who I gave a very explicit goal of pulling together these many threads into a completed product by the end of May. Daniel deftly delivered this coordination with our community contributors, while also balancing the many other projects he is coordinating too. As ever, fantastic work, Daniel!

You can visit the site by simply going to and clicking the Community link at the top. 😉

  • Jorge Castro

    Looks like they moved that cookie warning to the bottom too instead of having it dominate the top of the page. o/

  • Ayrton Araújo

    It is awesome :)

  • Chand

    Not mobile ready! Even the In this era websites should be designed to cater for mobile browsers otherwise it looks painfull to view.

  • Anonymous

    Good point.

  • Pierre

    I know it’s in the title of this article, but you should also make a link to the community section of :)

    This is a great project, though, and it motivates me even more to use some of my spare time to work on Ubuntu QA!