Ubuntu Phone Dogfooding Update

A while back I blogged about dogfooding Ubuntu Phone; that is, eating our own dogfood by using it on a daily basis. I have been tracking this here.

The phone team were setting the end of May as a goal for getting the phone into this daily driver state, and they have delivered most of what is needed.

In summary:

  • The phone OS is reliable and doesn’t crash.
  • Making and receiving calls works great. The phone now switches the screen on and off when you get a call/SMS, it switches to the phone app when you get a call, and switches the screen on and off when on a call based upon the proximity of your ear to the screen.
  • Sending and receiving text messages works great.
  • The messaging menu works great. Missed calls and texts appear there and I can reply or call back directly from messaging menu. I can also view my SMSes in the conversations list in the phone app.
  • Connecting to wireless networks works well.
  • Mobile data has landed but currently needs manual configuration to be used. I am waiting on the phone team to publish how to test this. UPDATE: Read how to test this here. They will be working on automating this next.
  • Power management is much better; when the phone is not used for 30 secs the screen is automatically shut off.
  • The camera works great (with flash) and photos appear as expected in the gallery. There is a shortcut from the camera app to the gallery.
  • The browser works well, now has a progress bar and overlayed history based upon the URL entered.
  • Orientation support has been added to a number of apps (phone, gallery, notepad, browser etc) so when you turn the phone the UI adjusts.
  • You can now easily add an unknown number as a contact.
  • Most of the fake apps and contact data have been removed.

All in all great progress is being made and I am continuing to use my Galaxy Nexus full time and now most of the bugs that made it a little difficult are fixed. As soon as mobile data arrives that will make life much easier, and the missing link for me is GPS, but the team are working on a location service to serve GPS needs.

  • Anonymous

    that’s a great step forward, hoping to see basic features up and running like charm so that developers can get their hands dirty.

    Providing a phone working/having all small things up gives a push to the new dev joiner.

  • Omer Akram

    I am using it as a daily driver, the only main problem I face is the phone can at times get extremely hot, causing rapid battery drain. Other things are working quite reliable on Nexus 4 for me.

  • Daniel Ruoso

    Is there support for Calendar sync already? Which types of accounts?

  • José Carlos Junior

    I’m really looking forward to use Ubuntu Touch :) Are there plans to support dual sim, or is it already supported by the android parts of it?

    I never heard anything about dual sim support, I don’t even know if my crappy phone will be able to run Ubuntu, it’s a galaxy s duos :p

    if only I had capabilities to port Touch for it, that ‘d be great

  • Masoud Pourmoosa

    Have you seen this page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices

  • Michael Hall

    Not yet, but the Calendar developers are re-working the backend storage so that syncing will be possible in the near future.

  • dinko

    Hi Jono,

    Does video recording work? That is the only thing apart the mentioned that I need :)

  • Ricardo

    Jono, instructions for 3G data were published already at https://plus.google.com/u/0/100264483712374857174/posts/3o1tjYo9Ghx


  • José Carlos Junior

    I have, my phone is not there :(

    I read the porting guide too, but I’m afraid it’s beyond my capabilities

  • http://sergiusens.github.com/ Sergio Schvezov

    I guess it should land in the mailing list too 😛

  • http://sergiusens.github.com/ Sergio Schvezov

    Some stuff landed, but it’s not hooked up yet

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Ricardo! I updated the post to reflect this. :-)

  • http://hude.blogfa.com/ Ali Najafi

    I’m waiting for a status which makes possible to update phone daily without flashing and wiping all user data. Have we reached this yet?

  • n3rdman

    Will this work on a Sony Ericsson corrosion play?

  • Matt Fischer

    Jono, After 30 seconds we do more than turn the screen off, we also suspend the CPU, unless Android is still holding a wake-lock which happens on some models.

  • Anonymous

    Hope that sync to U1!

  • Christopher

    I’m looking forward to this! I gave it a test-drive on my Galaxy Nexus for a bit and it’s definitely great progress so far.

    A way to get to the conversation list from the messaging indicator pull-down would be nice.

  • http://metin2wiki.ru CSRedRat

    Great work!

  • DualSimSupporter

    It’s true, Dual Sim would be great! There is the Idea in the forum since February already, but nothing happened yet: http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/30491/

  • DualSimSupporter

    So what about Dual Sim support? It seems as if the development on this idea is kind of pending: http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/30491/ That would substantially increase the possibilities for Ubuntu on phones for the internationally mobile community

  • Kris

    Bump! Actually I was wondering the same thing.