Ubuntu Phone Video Demo

Today I recorded a video demo of Ubuntu running on the Galaxy Nexus and showcasing much of the progress in May to turn the phone into a usable daily phone for early testers. The demo shows recieving a call and text, web browser, social networking integration, multitasting, a number of the apps, messaging menu, and more.

Here it is:

Can’t see it? Watch it here.

  • Leopoldo Pena

    outstanding! good work! So looking forward to use it on my S3.

  • Anonymous

    How many apps is there for that OS? I need WhatsApp and Skype for my daily usage. How’s the keyboard? Doesn’t looks great. and I think the UI is a bit complicated. It’s hard to tap a menu or some functionality inside the app if it’s placed near to the left or right edges, isn’t it? It’s might be very annoying when we play games, don’t you think so? Nice video share! Thanks a lot!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for taking time to show us the latest progress!

  • Jay James

    great to see it taking shape. good work. look forward to using 1 someday soon.

  • Leopoldo Pena

    Jono, is it running MIR already?

  • Anonymous

    is still in early development.

    someone is already creating a whatsapp frontend called Whosthere, but an official one should come out when the OS starts shipping.

  • http://fyksen.me/ Fredrik Fyksen Lund

    How did you add an account to the Friends app?

  • David Webber

    Fantastic! And now I’m thinking about all my regular Ubuntu apps that I can install and use with this…assuming they are touch interface aware…

  • David Webber

    BTW – another thought – since we’re running Ubuntu here, and our own dialer technology, and potentially encryption and IP masking, and not some telcos own branded and locked device, can this all prevent governments and companies snooping on us?

  • Anonymous

    Not yet, that is coming soon.

  • Anonymous


  • http://hude.blogfa.com/ Ali Najafi

    It would be perfect if all core apps were included in your demo as well as the HUD.

  • Anonymous

    Is it already possible to update the OS through the phone, or do we still need to reinstall each time?

  • Daniel

    A longtime user of (k)ubuntu and looking forward to flashing my s4 with ubuntu phone once it’s ready for primetime. Thanks Jono for the video demo. THRILLING

  • Anonymous

    But can you call with it?

  • @xel

    Thanks for the demo! Looks pretty neat to me already :) Can’t wait to get a hold of the ubuntu phone! What I would love to see is the calendar working with google calendar… and if whatsapp of course – which was mentioned earlier. Will Whosthere interact with WhatsApp?

  • Joe D

    Thanks for the update, Jono – since hearing of the Ubuntu phone, I’ve been waiting in anticipation to try one. Glad the mobile features seem to be coming along nicely. Is the desktop-when-docked element of this project still going strong? There hasn’t been a lot of news I’ve come across on that, which is a shame as it is one of the most intriguing features that first had me interested in the phone. Certainly nobody else can lay claim to designing a mobile device that combines portability with a full desktop experience. Just wondering.

  • Pascal E.

    thumbs up! but is it possible to change the quick menu from the left to the right side? most phones are designed for right-handed users, but it could be a barrier for left-handed users

  • Anonymous

    how is the data speed with hspa+?