Ubuntu Weekly Update Videocast, Mir Interview, and More Interviews

We have been working hard to ensure that the various engineering teams working on different parts of Ubuntu are being as open and transparent as possible. This has included many of these teams (e.g. Unity, Mir, App Development etc) sending regular weekly updates of progress being made. Well, we want to amp that up to the next level, so I am proud to announce the Ubuntu Weekly Update Videocast!

The idea is simple: we are pulling together a number of engineering managers from a range of different teams and they will provide a weekly summary of what their team has been working on, and their plans for the coming week. These summaries will form the beginning of the videocast and then we will open up for questions throughout the rest of the hour. This will provide a recorded summary of progress that our community, members of the press, and others can use to keep up to date, and a regular opportunity to ask questions to the team.

Our first Ubuntu Weekly Update Videocast is happening tomorrow, Tuesday 24th June 2013 at 5pm UTC live on Ubuntu On Air. Be sure to join us there!


As many of you will know, every week I do a regular Q&A videocast where I invite the community and anyone else to come and ask me anything. This show happens every Wednesday at 6pm UTC live on Ubuntu On Air and has been well received by the community to ask anything on their minds about our goals, strategy, and areas of focus.

For some time now I have been wanting to conduct a series of interviews with various Ubuntu teams and communities about their work, and I did my first one last week with Jamie Strandboge and Martin Albisetti who are working on the future app upload process designed for app developers who want to deliver their apps on the Ubuntu convergent platform. See the interview here, which includes a lot of questions asked from viewers too.

I will be conducting more and more of these interviews, so let me know what topics and teams you want to see in the comments.

Mir Interview

The next interview I am doing is with the Mir team and this will take place on Tuesday 2nd July 2013 at 6pm UTC live on Ubuntu On Air. Be sure to join and bring your questions too!

  • http://facebook.com/artgtan radiostorm

    Jono, looking forward to hearing more from the Canonical teams directly. This is fantastic. Can you please get some folks from Canonical Design for one of your interviews?

  • Anonymous

    Great idea, radiostorm, I think I will organize a session dedicated to the design team and process. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • http://www.e-nurturer.com/blog/ Jenson

    I seconded radiostorm’s idea, Jono.

    I’ve watched the video clip on top, it’s a good initiatives!

  • Anonymous

    A question: would it be possible for Mir to implement the Wayland protocol.

  • notjonobacon

    Mr. Bacon, I wonder if it would be possible to interview some of the leaders of the ubuntu derivatives (Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, etc.) about their thought of the way Mir should be made compatible with their DE.

  • Dennis Shimer

    Is there any way to get these things posted a couple days in advance to the calendar at “Ubuntu On Air”?

  • Anonymous

    Future shows will be – they will be weekly. You can still catch the recording of the shows you miss though.

  • Robert

    Will transcripts for these videos be available? Sitting and watching Google Hangouts is extremely inconvenient for me compared to reading text, and I know there are various people in the Ubuntu community who can’t watch videos for one reason or another. Having the session host spend some time writing a transcript or at least meeting minutes would help makes these videocasts more accessible to some of us.