First Ubuntu Weekly Update Video

Today we had our first Ubuntu Weekly Update with summaries from engineering managers and leads for Mir, Unity, Juju (Core and Ecosystem), Click, Smart Scopes, Ubuntu Touch, Community, and other areas. After the summaries we opened up the session to questions from viewers.

This weekly videocast will provide a regular in-depth, open, and transparent update of week-to-week engineering and community work going on.

See it below:

Can’t see the video? See it here!

Remember, you can always catch my regular weekly Q&A where you can bring any of your questions. Watch it live at Ubuntu On Air every Wednesday at 6pm UTC.

  • CSRedRat

    Yes! Alpha 1!

  • Anonymous

    Not sure if this fits with Carrier Advisory Group or not but has been growing like a weed because of their very friendly pricing plan for “services” compared to verizon, att, tmobile etc. Ting uses the Verizon network and ting is a small player but they may be interested in ubuntu touch/mobile.

  • Anonymous

    also I should have said thank you for posting theses video’s… they are a great way to keep updated.

  • CheeseBurg

    I can’t make it to one of the live showings because of work but I got a quick question about click packages. From the user point of view do click packages work like .exes from Windows where I click on it and it installs on my system and appears in the dash?

  • Sergio Schvezov

    Not really like that but close, it’s more like an apk (Android Package). If you look at the underlying technology, it’s still a deb file but very simplified.

    In the end, it would do what you expect as a user, make the app available in the apps lens (or some other defined accessible place to launch apps) after click installing it.

    You can expand by reading

  • Ali Najafi

    I know I’m late, but I think it’s better for those x-shaped buttons on the running apps (in the Apps lens I mean) to be on the left because of the convergance story with the desktop as well as the touch HUD.