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Ubuntu Phone Video Demo

Today I recorded a video demo of Ubuntu running on the Galaxy Nexus and showcasing much of the progress in May to turn the phone into a usable daily phone for early testers. The demo shows recieving a call and text, web browser, social networking integration, multitasting, a number of the apps, messaging menu, and […]

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Smart Scopes Update

One feature that didn’t land in Ubuntu 13.04 was the new Smart Scopes functionality in the Ubuntu dash. This feature greatly widens the scope (pun intended) of the dash returning results for a wide range of online services as well as local results. The whole system was re-architected to be more efficient, and designed to […]

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For some time now we have wanted to improve the community pages on While the pages there provided an overview of the community they really didn’t serve us or our new community members very well. At UDS in Copenhagen back in November we agreed to work on a project to build a new set […]

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Ubuntu Phone Dogfooding Update

A while back I blogged about dogfooding Ubuntu Phone; that is, eating our own dogfood by using it on a daily basis. I have been tracking this here. The phone team were setting the end of May as a goal for getting the phone into this daily driver state, and they have delivered most of […]

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