Remembering Seth Vidal

Today is a sad day for Free Software.

We discovered today that Seth Vidal was killed in a bike accident. Seth was very active in Fedora. He was the lead developer of Yum, a Fedora Project Board Member, active in CentOS, among many other contributions.

I didn’t know Seth well personally, but professionally he was a fantastic example of the passion and commitment that drives Free Software and collaborative community and he will be missed.

My condolences go out to Seth’s family, friends, colleagues, and our friends in the Fedora community and at Red Hat who knew Seth so well. I think it is important that we respect Seth’s family’s privacy at this time.

  • Jonathan Montero

    Wao…. what a pain… :(

  • mjr

    it was a collision. We don’t know if it was an accident but given that the driver didn’t stop, it seems unlikely.

  • Anonymous

    oh that’s very sad indeed. Condolences

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  • Valery Djondo

    There is no nice way to die, but this one is quiest severe. I wish we once know who killed M. Seth Vidal