12 Hours In, Nearly 10% Raised

We are about 12 hours into the Ubuntu Edge Indigogo Campaign and we are about to hit 10% of the full goal.


Be sure to go and support the campaign!

  • http://hude.blogfa.com/ Ali Najafi

    Yeah. And right now the $600 sale is 5040 out of 5000! Iโ€™m not sure about you, but itโ€™s very faster than I could expect.

  • Anonymous

    Well, that SUCKS! Your 24hour deal is a giant rip off, because there are only 5000 of those. Guess you hate people in my timezone.

  • leo

    Those 10% was very fast indeed. But all that happened on account of the 24 hour deal. I bet the curve will be much less steep in the following days. Unless there is another… well, deal.

  • Tim Blokdijk

    Fuck, that’s what you get if you take the time to actually sleep once a day. Anyway’s, I ordered mine for the full $830. And I now see I have to add another 30 for shipping it all the way to the Netherlands, I will round it up to a 1000. Now get to work and make sure this thing gets fully funded.

  • damien duncan

    Why was indiegogo used instead a self hosted crowd funding effort? Over one million dollars will be swallowed up by indiegogo fees if the target is reached.You will also be paying an extra 1.5 to 2% extra paypal transaction fees than a do it yourself option. Also since selling to everyone world wide what LTE bands/frequencies will be supported?

  • Tim Blokdijk

    Well, changed my mind, decided to order a second one, for the full amount and both within 24 hours. But I’m not going to pay 60 for shipping, I’m quite willing to pick them up at the London office. The return flight would be cheaper.

    Who should I speak to for an appointment?

  • Edward

    you can now order two for 1400$

  • leo

    Double Edge ain’t gonna cut it. We want Another 24 Hours! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • leo

    Permanent 24 Hours in fact!

  • http://metin2wiki.ru CSRedRat

    Excellent result! But dynamics is visible that after the termination of lots on 600 – the amount began to arrive more slowly. You will manage to collect or Mark personally from the pocket will add?

  • Anonymous

    Just a couple of ideas to foster Ubuntu Edge campaig. I think you really have to be creative if you want to reach the 32 million goal!


  • Anonymous

    Please read this http://goo.gl/h1GCTj Edge campaign has only a few perks, we need more perks! Now campaign is near fail. More perks: 30$ – ubuntu edge T-shirt 40$ – ubuntu edge pen … – everyone who donated 20$ or more should have chance to win ubuntu edge phone (~one phone for every 40 people) 2×20$ – double chance, 3×20$ – triple, 4x…..!!

    more perks!!!