One Week In. Seven Million Dollars. Keep On Pledging!

One week ago today we kicked off the Ubuntu Edge Indigogo Campaign; a campaign to raise $32million using the crowd-funding site Indigogo to build the beautiful Ubuntu Edge device that can run Ubuntu Phone and Android and boot a full Ubuntu desktop running off the phone itself. Be sure to see video describing the device and the software running on it.

This campaign is ambitious, but important for a few reasons: it helps us to produce a limited run of devices perfectly crafted around the Ubuntu convergence vision, but also to utilize crowd-funding as a tool to innovate in an entrenched industry.

Currently we have raised over $7million with over 15,000 funders.

In this post I wanted to summarize the progress we have made in our first week…and what a week it was!

Our first day was a record-setter. We were the fastest project in crowd-funding history to reach $2million and the highest-raised campaign in the history of Indigogo. At around 12 hours in we had already raised 10% of our goal.

As the week progressed a flurry of media attention wrapped around the Ubuntu Edge campaign. We have had coverage on a range of media outlets, including:

We also saw OMG! Ubuntu!, one of the most popular Ubuntu sites online, integrate the Ubuntu Edge campaign into their site, providing an up to date ticker of the amount raised and other features.

We saw extensive coverage of the Ubuntu Edge campaign in video form too. I want to highlight two interesting highlights here. Firstly, Jane Silber, Canonical CEO talked about the campaign on CNBC:

Can’t see it? See it here!

I also strongly recommend you see Marques Brownlee’s video overview of Ubuntu Edge, which provides a fantastic overview of the campaign:

Can’t see it? See it here!

As the week progressed we also saw Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu Founder, doing a Reddit AMA that covered a lot of ground (including talking about six years of support for Ubuntu Edge) and answered many questions from those following the campaign.

Victor Palau also demonstrated Ubuntu desktop running on a lower-powered Nexus 4 to demonstrate the convergence technology, and a community member even put together a realistic interactive 3D model of the Ubuntu Edge.

Finally, we announced an awesome referral campaign. Whether you’ve contributed $20 or $2,000, you all have the chance to win something extra special: a personalised Ubuntu Edge phone engraved with your name. You can find the details of the campaign here.

Of course, for this prize to exist the campaign has to hit its target, so be sure to spread the word using every possible medium you have access to. Our goal is to make history, and every one of you can help us write that history and get a historical special-edition customized Ubuntu Edge in the process.

Week Two

Arguably our next milestone in the Ubuntu Edge campaign is to beat the crowd-funding record for the highest amount of money that has ever been raised. This currently stands at a shade over $10million and given that we are already over $7million, we are making good progress towards this goal.

One piece of feedback we have received from many of you is a desire for a lower dollar-amount perk for those who can’t afford to purchase an Ubuntu Edge device but still want to support the campaign. We are currently working on this right now, and look forward to announcing this soon.

So, let’s make the magic happen.

Visit the Ubuntu Edge campaign page

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  • Shyam Salim Kumar

    Its no fair that the phone is a limited release. :(

  • Ingo Gerth

    Jono, have you guys considered starting Google and Facebook Ads campaigns?

    Also, please go multilingual if that is possible, to reach a far broader audience.

  • Tal

    Everyone seems really optimistic that this phone will be produced and I’d be really disappointed if it didn’t, but I can’t see how they will get to 32 million like this.. It had a really good start but it seems like interest in the phone has ended. Everyone who wanted the phone got it when it first came out because of the low price point.

  • Polmac

    Multilingual is a must. It’s good to use English as a common language when you are doing technical discussion, but when you try to reach customers and be covered by big (non-technical) media you need to speak their language.

  • varun

    This is exactly how I feel. We saw a huge spurt the first day, and then again when the first batch of lower priced phones came out, but the campaign has stalled again. As much as I desperately want this, I don’t see it happening.

    PS – Jono, I asked Mark this during the AMA, but he didn’t get to it: you all need to leverage as many of your existing partners as possible to get companies supporting the $80K level. That will both help get to your minimum production quantity as well as towards the campaign financing. As of this time, there’s still not a single company that’s bought into the Edge vision. That doesn’t bode well!

  • Polmac

    If I wanted the phone and hadn’t got it already, I’d feel kind of pissed-off that I’m getting it more expensive than other people did. It certainly stops lots of people from buying, nobody likes to feel the silly guy who pays more.

    If I were you, I’d do my best to add extra value to those people to make them feel they are paying the right amount of value. If you give, let’s say, 50 Gb of Ubuntu One storage for a year for buying the phone at the normal price (830 dollars) they’d feel they are getting something that the cheaper-buyers didn’t, and would feel more inclined to pay that.

    It would be relatively cheap for Canonical, and would bring good publicity for the service as this is campaign is being discussed in mass media.

  • Jk

    Jono please bring the Perk levels in line with other projects. Normally you would have an affordable perk , then premium perks that offer bonuses which in the end bring up the average price/unit to the desired amount $780-$800. Example:

    $20 – Founder $50 – T-shirt $90 – Specially designed case ($20 to make – $70 profit) $230 – Specially design simple Dock ($60 to make – $170 profit) $695 – One Ubuntu Edge $895 – Special edition Edge in Silver Color $10,000 – One of a kind Perk

  • Dan

    Hi. Any official words you can say about warranty(hardware) ? and replacement parts ? Usually in EU warranty is like 2 years , is that applied to Ubuntu Edge? What if something goes wrong with this phone and needs to be sent for repair ? I think people will be interested in after sales support details.Hope you answer. Thanks

  • Kev Quirk

    Where did you get this graph from?

  • Joey-Elijah Sneddon

    In the hallowed words of the great Meme brain…

  • Anders Sandblad

  • Kev Quirk

    Cool, thanks.

  • Anonymous

    This is exactly how nearly every campaign works. A strong start, followed by incremental progress, and finished with a huge jump at the end.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Joey, i have been having problems accessing I can only access it past midnight and this is making my life a hell… can you sort this issue…..

  • varun

    I don’t dispute that – I’ve seen stats that suggest that the break down is roughly a third in the first 10 percent of your project, a third in the next 80 percent and a third in the last 10 percent, with some adjustments if there are changes to pledge options in between. However, going by that, in the first 4.5 days, total raised was roughly $5 mil, suggesting campaign final is likely to be only around $15 mil – less than half of what’s needed.

    So yeah, I’d love to not panic, but … AHHH PANICCCCC.

  • Florian Minges

    Seriously, what’s up with all you people complaining that no company has made their $80k pledge? Think before you complain. This perk doesn’t make sense at all for companies with less than 50 employees (2 or more Ubuntu Edge devices per employee? Don’t think so).

    Making some quick assumptions: a company that is interested in this perk will be rather big and probably pay some million dollars in salary every year. Big companies usually mean bureaucracy. Do you really think that these companies will invest $80k “just like that” without having proper discussions? An investment in hardware like this is NOT a decision such companies make quickly out of spur. If they are going to make this decision, they will be sure to have outlined pros and cons thoroughly as it may effect the workflow at the company for years ahead.

    Besides – my personal guess is that most of the “decision makers” in these big companies are not those kind of tech-freaks that want to use a Linux distro. They probably want to use either Mac OS X or Windows, because they know how to use them. Linux is unknown/dangerous to these people.

    I really hope some companies will decide to pledge, but I find it unlikely that this will happen any time soon. They will most probably wait until the last week or so.

  • Raymond

    I’m looking for word on Shuttleworth-&-Co’s progress in enlisting Enterprise support, as that could get the campaign to its goal. Individual purchases don’t look like they will.

  • Peter

    Hey Jono! I think you need more ads, for example a banner for Ubuntu Software Center is a good idea.

  • John Sullivan

    At the FSF, we really wish Canonical would commit to making the phone free (see our questions at Raising $32 million is a golden opportunity to do this and change the industry forever. We don’t need just another Android phone with proprietary drivers — we already have that. A GNU/Linux-based phone is admittedly exciting — but we already had that too, with some proprietary components. A GNU/Linux-based phone engineered to be free from the driver level on up, to truly enable the future of free mobile computing, that would be amazing. I followed the AMA and I’m still not understanding why this couldn’t be made a priority, and I saw a lot of demand in that thread for this from other potential supporters too.

  • John Sullivan
  • varun

    There’s a difference between “complaining” and what I was doing. An example of “complaining” would be “I missed out on the $600 device, you guys suck unless you bring more out”. What I’m pointing out is that getting 2-3 companies on board will put the Edge back on track on its optimal funding track. Getting 10 will likely cause a snowball – and give 1K firm orders. And frankly, given how long Ubuntu has been talking up their partnerships with telcos through the Ubuntu CAG, you’re telling me NOT ONE company has bought 100 developer devices? Not even “the leading Spanish international carrier” that has bought hundreds of Firefox OS devices, sight unseen?

    So no, I’m not complaining. I put my money where my mouth is and backed the project. But I want this to succeed and every dollar they can beg, borrow, steal or get from a partner is absolutely worth it. Now quit complaining about people like us who aren’t complaining, and get on with life.

  • Anonymous

    totally agree. They need to be smart, even give a perk with a little less expensive phone but add music store certificates so they can get people started / familiar with their services and get some long term customers/returns.

    Reposting this analysis I did earlier of the problems arising:

    “the declining rate started after $775, seems the sweet spot goes from $6xx to $725. Specially the niche that have been thinking about upgrading their older phones and are looking for something in the range of the top available phones (i.e. iphone5, s4, etc.)

    I assume people don’t like the later perks because they feel others already got the good deals and these remaining offer no added value that would justify the higher costs and are just “hot potatoes”.

    They need to re-add this value in order to get people out of this psychological state.

    They can do so very easily with extra services, merchandise and/or add-ons.

    This is why apple offers different price ranges, but with the added value to justify.


    They do so in parallel, not in a serial/linear fashion.

    Another perk that can also be added is family and resellers (5 or 10 phones back in the 6xx price range.)

    Maybe they’re waiting for mid campaign, but I assume it would be better to keep the momentum, and the publicity/sharing/word of mouth flowing by getting more backers in early.”

  • Anonymous

    they also have lots of services they can offer even give a perk with a little less expensive phone but add music and/or usc store certificates so they can get people started / familiar with their services and get some long term customers/returns.

    also do like apple and have devices with less storage: 64gb sdd + some free U1 space. that will help them cut down the prices to that attractive price point again: $6xx to 725.

    they’re very creative, but this added value needs to be done or else goal not reached. They can’t hold back if they wan to smash records.

  • Anonymous

    Not even “the leading Spanish international carrier” that has bought hundreds of Firefox OS devices, sight unseen?

    That’s more of a retailer. They usually get early on in the game.

    If canonical wants early adoption they will probably need to introduce higher volume perks at good attractive prices for re-sellers and retailers to benefit from.

  • PUNK

    please try to communicate with every major radio and television and website worldwide to tell about ubuntu edge, think in more countries like mexico, germany, canada, in mexico maybe ubuntu can pay a little amount of money for commercial ads in TELEVISA AND TELEVISION AZTECA.

  • Florian Minges

    Now that I read your message again I realize my first reply was a bit harsh. No offense intended. :) I am a backer too, and would love to see this project succeed.

    Yes, I agree with you that it’s strange no company is backing them yet. But I still think that big companies need more time to make such a big decision.

  • reamer

    Better buy as many as you can while you still have a chance!

  • varun

    I was under impression “leading Spanish international carrier” was Telefonica – which has been a strong supporter of FxOS, and has – from some extrapolation of the serial numbers posted in the Geeksphone forums – bought at least between 250-300 devices. That alone would be more commitment than we’re seeing from Ubuntu’s CAG. Yes, the pricing is different, but it’s less than an hour’s profit for Telefonica as a global group – surely doable?

  • Polmac

    This is a phone for geeks, not for the average customer. A big telecom like Telefónica aims at products for normal people, geeks know where to find the things they want. And they are not going to risk lots of money in something they don’t need, don’t want and don’t even exists yet.

    This is something for us, I don’t think much companies will invest in it. The key is to attract more geeks :)

  • Anonymous

    well firefox OS has been in dev for a longer time so it was already out of beta.

    Also is a simpler OS, no actual “native” apps and is targeting the lower end.

    I think ubuntu is advancing Ok, but we need to wait till at least October.

  • Menelic Iii

    Hi Jono, I think the campaign needs hardware perks to provide people with a truly convergent solution: The perk that’s needed to drive home the point of convergence and portability is a clambook style shell consisting of 11” screen and keyboard: This would be a worthwhile addition to have and solidify the whole idea of convergence. Without such shell, the business offer is kind of moot, because there is no true mobility in the edge without such periphery. Also, I m sure many who pledged already would gladly add a dock or such a clamshell. The clamshell would turn this into an even bigger bargain because it would provide a laptop and phone in one combination.

  • brikhncc

    I just added subtitles to the main video, thanks to the opensource site Amara:

    Now anyone can add his/her language, and embed the video with subtitles. This could be another record: how many languages can we achieve? 😉

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    I think in more countries like mexico, germany, canada, in mexico maybe ubuntu can pay a little amount of money for commercial ads in TELEVISA AND TELEVISION AZTECA.

  • Anonymous

    Add more perks (Ubuntu One storage? More discounted phones? Phone covers or other gadgets?) or this will be an epic fail.