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Bad Voltage

Some years ago I used to do a podcast called LugRadio. We did it for four years, delivered 140+ episodes, had 2 million downloads, and it spawned five live events. We wrapped it up as I moved to the USA, but then a little later Stuart Langridge and I experimented with a new show caled […]

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Convergence In The Cloud

Many of you will have heard about Ubuntu’s convergence goals on the client side — running a single, consistent code-base and experience that adapts to phones, desktops, tablets, and TVs…but are you aware of our convergence on the cloud? Ubuntu and our cloud orchestration service, Juju, provides a platform and the tools to be able […]

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Reflections On Ubuntu 13.10

Ubuntu 13.10 is out, get it here! This release packs some significant punch – we have the first version of Ubuntu for phones, Mir is shipping on the phone images, a new Ubuntu SDK, an entirely new app developer upload experience, new version of Juju, Juju GUI, smart scopes integrated into the desktop and phone, […]

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Mir Running Now On Ubuntu On Phones

Just to share with my good friends on Planet Ubuntu…with update 90 on the Ubuntu for phone images Mir has been enabled by default. So far everything is working pretty smoothly on my Nexus 4. There are some bugs, which is to be expected, but nothing major from what I can see. Now the team […]

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Karma Machine: An Example of Ubuntu App Convergence

Today I took a short screencast of the winner of the Ubuntu App Showdown, a neat reddit client called Karma Machine. In the video you can see the app first at the size of a phone as I demonstrate it’s features, and then I re-size it to the size of a desktop app. Karma Machine […]

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The Next Level Of Ubuntu App Convergence

The 13.10 cycle has been one of the most hectic I have personally ever experienced with Ubuntu. In this cycle we have built the key ingredients in our convergence story…Unity 8, Mir, the Ubuntu SDK, a full app upload process…and this work is forming a strong foundation for the 14.x releases in which we will […]

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