Bad Voltage

Some years ago I used to do a podcast called LugRadio. We did it for four years, delivered 140+ episodes, had 2 million downloads, and it spawned five live events. We wrapped it up as I moved to the USA, but then a little later Stuart Langridge and I experimented with a new show caled Shot Of Jaq. It was a different format and very focused on post-show discussion. We did 60+ shows.

We wrapped up Shot Of Jaq about three years ago and I had been getting the itch to do a show again. This time I wanted to do something more like LugRadio; four presenters, 45 mins to an hour long, include an interview, but this time for it to be a little less anarchic and more like Top Gear.

As such, I am delighted to present our new show Bad Voltage.

Bad Voltage takes a fun and amusing take on technology, music, politics and anything else we think we and our listeners would find interesting. It is not just about Open Source and Linux, but will naturally gravitate to those topics based on our experience.

The show has an amusing line-up with a diversity of experience. It includes Jeremy Garcia (founder of LinuxQuestions), Stuart Langridge (Web Development Consultant, co-founder of LugRadio), Bryan Lunduke (NetworkWorld writer, co-founder of the Linux Action Show, creator of Linux Tycoon), and myself.

The show takes a fun, loose, and amusing take on the topics we present. It is 45mins to an hour long, features an interview, a review of a product/service/software, features some topics for discussion, a letters segment where we read out and respond to letters to the show, and more.

We launched the show (Season 1 Episode 1 ‘Socially Awkward Headgear’) on Thursday and it includes:

Go and check it out here, and be sure to subscribe to it in your fave podcasting client or on iTunes!

The response had been fantastic. We have had over 60GB of downloads, 2000+ people check the show out, 120+ people join our Google+ Community, 90+ people join us on Twitter. We also have ‘#badvoltage’ on Freenode. Our community is forming, and they are cool people…they are Bad Voltage people. :-)

Bad Voltage is all about the community, so be sure to come and join us and send over your feedback and thoughts on the show to – we will read your emails out on the show and we really want to tighten up the format and make it as good as possible, so your thoughts on what works well and what works less well is appreciated.


  • Daniel

    Lunduke and Bacon doing a podcast now? WOOT! This is going to be awesome!

  • Jonathan Carter

    When I first saw the title I thought “Oh crap, what have I done wrong now!” :)

  • Anonymous


  • Ali Najafi

    I downloaded the OGG, but found no way to play it. None of my players, Banshee, Movie Player, SMPlayer, plays it. I’ll try MP3 too – my connection is slow.

  • Anonymous

    a well known linux troll and a well known linux apologist/damage control expert.

    needless to say im gonna listen to this train wreck with a preconceived bias.

  • Anonymous

    Enjoy the show!

  • Anonymous

    Strange, it works fine here on Ubuntu 13.10 and haven’t heard other issues with playback.

  • Ali Najafi

    Oh, sorry! I’d not seen the comment section below the Bad Voltage posts. 😀 I couldn’t find what the problem was, maybe corrupted download. I redownloaded it and it’s ok. It was really strange because I never had playback issues with Ubuntu ever.

    Thanks anyway!