An Exciting Future

We are growing a world-class community and app developer eco-system, fuelled by Open Source and open collaboration. We are putting the core pieces in place and I am delighted to be working with such a wonderful team:

(L-R) Daniel Holbach, Kyle Nitzsche, Michael Hall, This Guy, Nicholas Skaggs, Alan Pope, David Planella

  • Representative Democracy

    Where are the women?

  • Frames

    And the non-whitey …

  • Frames

    “fuelled by Open Source and open collaboration”

    I also regret that we have lost the “Ubuntu is software libre” spirit that we had printed back in the day …

    … in favor of that “openness” that may sound good but don’t mean much.

    My exciting future is leaning towards Debian day by day.

  • aether

    HA HA HA!! I can only assume that was just posted out of the blue in response to this request for a blog post?

    LOL, well it is a blog post…I guess.

  • cynicist

    It’s free, open-source, and has a strong community. What has been lost exactly?

  • Flexo

    I’m not sure about the relevance in the Ubuntu community of this guys, i have readed in google the participation in Ubuntu and the only important is Daniel Holbach, i guess because he maintain Universe and Multiverse repos… and some of you have a peculiar names (Dexter, Edgar Allan Pope, Nitzsche)

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have any women on my team. This is not because I don’t like women (gender makes no difference to me in recruiting) but because the best people I hired in the recruitment process happened to be men.

  • Anonymous

    Again, the guys on my team were the best people who applied for the role – I don’t care what gender/race they are – I care that they are good.

  • Anonymous

    Nope, just saw this in your link. Amusing though. :-)

  • Anonymous

    Ubuntu is as dedicated to Free Software as it has always been.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone on the team contributes heavily to Ubuntu. This spans leadership, development, web programming, advocacy, packaging, translations and more.

  • Pierre

    Thanks for sharing this photo, Flipflop Man !

    I follow a bunch of those guys on G+ and had the chance to chat with Nicholas Skaggs a while back about quality assurance for Ubuntu, not only is this guy super nice, but he’s also very dedicated to the task!

    Keep up the good job, people!

  • Representative Democracy

    But don’t you think it’s deeply wrong when the recruitment process seems to miss out more than half of the population (women, non-white men)? How can you have a community management team that is so far skewed away from what the community of users and contributors looks like? And how sure are you that your criteria for ‘best’ aren’t unintentionally discriminating against the majority of out-group non-white men? I’m sure it’s not intentional — but it is both suspicious and disturbing..

  • Greg K Nicholson

    Well, that’s cool. What processes are in place to ensure that unconscious discrimination is avoided?

  • Anonymous

    The recruitment process does not miss out half the population…anyone was welcome to apply for the roles, and some women did indeed apply. The thing is, I don’t pick people based on gender or race, but ability. I would not wish to give a woman an unfair advantage based on gender, in the same way I wouldn’t give a man an unfair advantage. I judge on skills and capabilities, and the people in that picture were the best of the bunch.

    I don’t think we require a representative of a particular demographic on the team to be successful. If we did, we would need every gender, creed, color, and nationality on the team, which obviously isn’t practical. I think we need good, open, non-discriminative people to be success, which the team are.

    I know there is no discrimination because I personally hired everyone on the team, and part of my requirements are people who are able to work, motivate, and inspire everyone, irrespective of gender, race, or otherwise. If I ever felt like someone was discriminating against particular groups, I would take a remarkably dim view on that and take necessary action.

  • Anonymous

    It is quite simple: I am the hiring manager for my team, and I don’t discriminate on gender, race, or otherwise. I base my decisions and hiring on quality.

    There is no tick-box chart of things I do to provide proof that I am not racist or discriminating against others, and I don’t feel the need to provide that.

    As I said earlier, I hire people based on skills and experience. Many people applied and the people in that photo got the job because they were the best of the bunch…many others came close, but the members of my team pipped them to the punch.