My Top 5 Dream Ubuntu Apps

So, today we announced the Ubuntu App Showdown where you can build apps with the Ubuntu SDK and win some awesome prizes such as the Nexus 7 (2013) tablet and the Meizu MX3.

This got me thinking, which apps would a love to see on Ubuntu as part of the competition? Well, this is them, and hopefully they will be food for thought for some developers:

  • Email Client – this would be an email client that looks and functions like Discourse. With it you could connect to an IMAP/Gmail account, see mail as threads, reply to mails, create and send new emails etc. Bonus points for supporting multiple accounts.
  • Social Media Client – I haven’t found a Twitter and other social media client that works well for me. This one would show my timeline of tweets, have mentions on a different tab/screen, and support searches too. It would use the Online Accounts platform service to connect.
  • Google+ Client – I would love to see a G+ client that integrates neatly into Ubuntu. It would need to browse my timeline, show notifications, let me reply to posts and add +1s, and browse communities.
  • Ubuntu LoCo Teams App – an app where I can view the content from such as browsing teams, seeing current and up-coming events, browse the blog, and include the content in the Ubuntu Advocacy Kit. The power in this app would be looking like a beautiful app that any LoCo member can use to find cool events and do interesting things.
  • Riff Recorder – an audio recording app where I can adjust the volume of the mic (for when I am in a room with lots of noise such as a rehearsal) and then record the audio at that level and have the ability to share it somewhere.

If anyone manages to build these apps, you will make me a very happy man. :-)

  • Stephen Michael Kellat

    I would hold off on the LoCo Teams App for the moment. Another interim analytical report from the LoCo Council may be forthcoming. Paradigm issues may be explored in that report.

  • luigi lops

    There are 2 Advanced email clients, one is called thunderbird and the other is called evolution.

  • Anonymous

    Why hold off? This app could well help our community grow.

  • Anonymous

    Right, both of which are desktop clients. I am talking about mobile.

  • Polmac

    We should learn about the failures of other new mobile OS: It’s crucial to have a good mail application that supports IMAP; without that lots of people will be dissapointed (including me).

  • Kai Mast

    E-Mail client is a must have. I would also put a chat client on the list!

    Btw, feel free to report feature request to friends-app. Searching and custom tabs are just a fingertip away, but I am currently having a very busy time at college so I cannot continue to work on it for some weeks.

  • Kris

    Is there a way to see what apps are currently available – ie what gaps there are without having a device currently running Ubuntu touch?

  • Cowboydan

    If I understand correctly what you said, currently there’s no email client in Ubuntu touch ? If that’s the case, sorry if I sound unpleasant but I don’t know if Ubuntu touch can still be called a “smartphone OS” !

    If I take my user case as an example, I want to get rid of my old Android handset (running Android 2.2) to switch to a brand new Ubuntu powered smartphone. If I can’t just receive my emails on my ubuntu phone then it’s absolutely pointless !

    Now don’t tell me it’s impossible to sync calendars using caldav, I was just drooling at that Meizu Mx3 video

  • Cowboydan

    Sorry if my previous comment seemed a little rude, I’m just longing for an ubuntu phone since the announcement made at last year MWC :-)


    Great ideas Jono! I was thinking of making a HTML5 app to find community events around the world, and is pretty close to the idea of ??doing an Ubuntu LoCo Teams App.

    Stay tuned! :-)

  • Sanyam Khetarpal

    What about a app that acts like a launcher for ubuntu you know like android launchers plus when you plug it in to computer it will then expand itself to highly customized ubuntu desktop it will be really cool

  • sanyam

    Jono I was wondering that when are you launching Ubuntu touch app store as I don’t see any info about the app store and its not even in the core app project too so when we can see a app store launch???

  • Lazar Prodanovic

    How about the K9 mail as it’s open source & it qualifies in all other aspects?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    An app I’ve found incredibly useful is Simplenote – nvPY in Ubuntu. I just wish it looked a little more up-to-date, and perhaps synced with Ububtu1…

  • Omar

    Yes, an IM (chat) client is a must-have also. I don’t know why Jono didn’t think about it??

  • Christopher R. White

    I would like to add that an exchange email / calendar client would be a must. I love my android phone but I absolutely need to be able to connect to my exchange server at work for emailing and calendaring. My job requires it.

  • michael h

    “Geary” is an email client that does all that.