I Am Hiring

I just wanted to let you folks know that I am recruiting for a community manager to join my team at Canonical.

I am looking for someone with strong technical knowledge of building Ubuntu (knowledge of how we release, how we build packages, bug management, governance etc), great community management skills, and someone who is willing to be challenged and grow in their skills and capabilities.

My goal with everyone who joins my team is not just to help them be successful in their work, but to help them be the very best at what they do in our industry. As such I am looking for someone with a passion to be successful and grow.

I think it is a great opportunity and to be part of a great team. Details of the job are available here – please apply if you are interested!?

  • potential-applicant

    Hey Jono,

    The job position seems to be interesting.

    I might apply but I wanted to know if you would prefer someone to lean more on the technical side or on the community-management side? You know that having an exact 50%-50% background is unlikely :) I have a mixed background myself (I’m maintainer of an app packaged in many distros, including Ubuntu), so I’m wondering if the position would hinder my capability of remaining to be an active maintainer (if yes, then I’d like to ask if you would hire a part-time guy, then 😉 ).