Last Day Today

Recently I announced I am stepping down as Ubuntu Community Manager at Canonical and moving to XPRIZE as Senior Director of Community. Today is my last day at Canonical.

I just want to say how touched I have been by the response. The comments, social media posts, emails, and calls from you have been so kind and supportive. You are all good people, and I am going to miss every single one of you.

The reason why I have devoted my life to understanding communities is that I believe communities bring out the best in people, and all of you are a perfect example of that. I cannot express just how much I appreciate it.

Over the course of the next few weeks my replacement will be sourced and announced. and in the interim my team (Daniel Holbach, Michael Hall, David Planella, Nicholas Skaggs, Alan Pope) will take over my duties. Everything has been transitioned over, and remember, the weekly Q&As will continue at 6pm UTC every Tuesday on Ubuntu On Air with my team filling in for me. As ever, any and all Ubuntu questions are welcome!

Of course, I will still be around. I am going to continue to be a member of the Ubuntu community and an avid Ubuntu user, tester, and supporter. I will continue to be on IRC, you can email me at, I will continue to do Bad Voltage, and I have a busy schedule at the Community Leadership Summit, OSCON, and more. I am also going to continue to have my own Q&A session every week where you can ask questions about my perspectives on Ubuntu, Canonical, community management, XPRIZE, and more; I will announce this soon.

Ubuntu has a tremendous future ahead of it, built on the hard work and passion of a global community. We are only just getting started with a new era of Ubuntu convergence and cloud orchestration and while I will miss being there in an official capacity, I am just thankful that I can continue to be along for the ride in the very community I played a part in building.

I now have a few weeks off and then my new adventure begins. Stay tuned. :-)

  • robyn bergeron

    SO JEALOUS. What is this vacation thing you speak of anyway?

    Enjoy your well-deserved time off. And will of course see you around community-land in the future :)

  • biohazara

    Jono, best of luck! I hope you can bring Open Source and Linux awareness to the XPRIZE foundation. Is your blog getting out of the Ubuntu Planet?

  • CSRedRat

    Who new?

  • Anonymous

    All the best in the new role. Watch that space :-)

  • Shia

    Did you happen to check out their Glassdoor reviews? Looks like a horrible culture and a mediocre place to work, where the focus is more on marketing XPrize itself than solving any real-world challenges. Guessing they threw a bunch of money your way, good for you. Sounds like a sham to me.

  • Luis Caballero

    Thank you for everything that you made happened for Ubuntu, the community will miss you, best of luck at XPrize. Please do continue to with the Ubuntu Community.