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Jono Bacon is a leading community manager, engineering manager, consultant and author. Currently he works as the Ubuntu Community Manager at Canonical, leading a team that grows, inspires and enthuses the global Ubuntu community; a community numbering the hundreds of thousands.

Bacon is a prominent author and speaker on community management and best practice, and wrote the best-selling The Art of Community (O’Reilly), is the founder of the primary annual conference for community managers and leaders, the Community Leadership Summit, and is a regular keynote speaker at events about community management, leadership, and best practice.

Bacon has provided community management consultancy for both internal and external communities for a range of organizations. This includes Deutsche Bank, Intel, SAP, Sony Mobile, Open Compute Project, IBM, Dyson, Mozilla, National Finishing Contractors Association, AlienVault, and others.

In addition to The Art of Community, Bacon co-authored Linux Desktop Hacks (O’Reilly), Official Ubuntu Book (Prentice Hall), and Practical PHP and MySQL (Prentice Hall), and has written over 500 articles across 12 different publications. He writes regularly for a range of magazines.

Bacon co-founded and appears regularly on Bad Voltage, was the co-founder of the popular LugRadio podcast, which ran for four years with 2million+ downloads and 15,000 listeners, as well as spawning five live events in both the UK and the USA, and co-founded the Shot Of Jaq podcast. He is also the founder of the Ubuntu Accomplishments, Jokosher, Acire, Python Snippets, and Lernid software projects.

He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area in California with his wife, Erica, and their son, Jack.



  • Ubuntu Community Manager, Canonical Ltd (2006 – ?) – I work at Canonical to manage the world-wide Ubuntu developer, contributor and user community. I manage a team of five at Canonical split across the USA, Europe, and Middle East and the community itself numbers hundreds of thousands of contributors across a range of disciplines. The role involves project management, strategic planning, community growth, advocacy, engineering management, managing stakeholder expectations etc.
  • Open Source Consultant, OpenAdvantage (2004 – 2006) – I worked at OpenAdvantage as an Open Source Consultant and worked with a large range of SMEs, Enterprises, Education and Government to help them understand and implement Open Source solutions. In my time at OpenAdvantage I consulted with over 100 organizations.
  • Freelance Writer/Consultant/Developer (2003 – 2004) – Freelance journalist and consultant writing for over 12 publications and publishing three books. In addition to writing, my services included Open Source consultancy, web development and training.


  • The University of Wolverhampton – Ba(Hon), Interactive Multimedia Communication.

Also received an Honorary Research Fellowship from the School Of Technology in 2010 for career achievements.



  • Ubuntu Developers Summit – 2006 – current (every six months).
  • LugRadio Live – 2005 / 2006 / 2007 / 2008 (UK and USA events) / 2009.
  • Community Leadership Summit – 2009 – current.

Speaking Engagements

  • Keynotes – OSCON (USA), FISL (Brazil), MySQL Conference (USA), Ohio Linux Fest (USA), Southeast Linux Fest (USA), Southern California Linux Expo (USA), Evergreen International Conference (USA), Finishing Contractors Association Conference (USA), Outercurve Conference (USA), Start With Art (USA), .se Sweden Days (Sweden).
  • Speaking Events – linux.conf.au (Australia), Open Source Think Tank (USA), LinuxWorld (UK), Open Source Business Conference (USA), LinuxTag (Germany), GNOME User and Developer Conference (Germany, Spain, UK, Turkey), Linux User & Developer Conference (UK), Blender Conference (Holland), Ubuntu Live (USA), IBM Linux Migration Seminar (UK), European Friends Of O’Reilly (Holland), d:CODE (UK), 10 Years Of KDE (Germany), Association For Free Software Conference (UK), SkyCon (Ireland), UKUUG Conference (UK), West Midlands IT Association (UK), OSS Watch Conference (UK), IBM Developer Workshop (UK).
  • After Dinner Speeches – Python UK Conference.


  • Best Marketing Campaign (2006) – at the Linux User and Developer Awards for LugRadio.
  • Honorary Research Fellowship (2010) – from the University Of Wolverhampton for career post-graduate career achievements.



  • Bad Voltage (2013 – ?)** – co-founder, a technology podcast that covers a wide range of topics.
  • LugRadio (2004 – 2008) – co-founder, with over 2million downloads and 15,000+ listeners, LugRadio was voted top Open Source podcast by Linux Format magazine, and spawned annual events in the UK and USA.
  • Shot Of Jaq (2009) – - co-founder, a new podcasting format that explored technology and science with a new focus on interactive colalboration from listeners.
  • FLOSSWeekly (2009) – presenter, joined FLOSSWeekly on the TWiT Network with Leo Laporte and Randal Schwartz.

Audio Interviews

Interviewed on Linux Action Show, Linux Link Tech Show, Linux Outlaws, Rathole Radio, BBQ Central Show and others.

Press Interviews

Interviewed with CNN, BusinessWeek, PC World, The Register, Slashdot, C|NET, ZDNet, Linux Format, Linux User and Developer, Ubuntu User, Linux Pro, .net Magazine, and others.


  • G@mers (2007) – interviewed about a new Open Source games console.


  • Wolverhampton Linux User Group (2001) – founder, started this new Linux focused group designed to bring a new, more socially orientated form of group which encouraged other groups in the UK to take a similar spin.
  • West Midlands PHP User Group (2004) – founder, started a group to provide a local community and support resource for the increasingly popular PHP community.

Software Authored

  • Ubuntu Accomplishments (2012) – a de-centralized, distributed client-server gamification system for the Ubuntu project.
  • Lernid (2010) – founded this project to provide an electronic learning platform for the Ubuntu project. Used for the different online learning weeks.
  • Acire (2010) – wrote this Python examples browser designed to provide a library of examples to make learning programming easier. Named after my wife (Acire is Erica backwards).
  • Python Snippets (2010) – founded this Python examples library to accompany Acire.
  • Jokosher (2007) – developed the vision and co-developed the design for this multi-track audio editor. Wrote much of the initial code and the initial audio code (Python).