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Project Maintainers Required

Yesterday I announced that the new Severed Fifth website is launched on Monday, and with it will begin the second phase of the project and the build-up to the second album. For the first album I ran out of steam as I had just signed up to do The Art Of Community for O’Reilly and […]

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More Python Snippets

While I have been away this week on vacation there were 16 new submissions with new snippets! I utterly flabbergasted at how many of you good folks are contributing snippets. I just reviewed all of these submissions and we now have a bunch of new snippets, including: WebKit examples and a fantastic snippet for theming […]

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Acire and Python Snippets Rockstars

Today Andy Breiner submitted a new Python snippet that demonstrates the use of the os module and Regular Expressions and looks at all the snippets in the Python Snippets library and counts how many people have submitted snippets. This is a great way of seeing how many people are contributing to the project. Well, I […]

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Acire 0.4 Released

I am proud to announce the release of Acire 0.4! This release includes the following new features Documentation Links – many snippets now include links to relavent documentation links, and these are shown right within the Acire interface and just a click away. Alphabetized Lists – the list of categories in Acire and the list […]

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New Acire and Python Snippets Website

With the goal of Acire and Python Snippets seeking to serve multiple distributions, it seemed appropriate to give it it’s own website. Thanks to the wonderful people over at for making my fave CMS available as a free hosted service, we now have our new website! This was a result of a few hours […]

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Fun Little Acire Story

With the new release of Acire just out I wanted to tell you folks a fun little story of an added benefit to Acire that I never envisaged when I came up with the idea for the app. Yesterday I got an email from someone (I will keep the identify private) saying: I’m trying to […]

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Acire 0.3 Released

Everyone’s favorite tool to browse Python snippets, run them, learn from them and incorporate them into your programs has been released! This new release has the following new features: Translated – Acire has now got support for multiple languages, but this is very new so it needs your translations! Want to help make Acire rocking […]

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Call For Help: Convert Quickly Snippets To Python Snippets

As I have blogged about recently, I have been really getting into the idea of enabling opportunistic developers to get to grips with writing applications for the Open Source desktop as easily as possible. This has including raving about the awesome Quickly and I recently wrote Acire, a simple program for viewing a library of […]

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Acire 0.2 Released

I am pleased to announce the second release of my little project to browse, read, run and learn from a library of Python examples. This release brings us: Examples now have syntax highlighting and use a better font for reading code. An awesome new icon designed by the ever-affable Martin Owens. Various bug fixes. You […]

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Acire: Delivering A World Of Python Snippets

A few weeks back I blogged about my new program Acire: a simple little tool that provides a library of Python examples called snippets that outline how to do specific taks. With each snippet you can browse the code, run it and otherwise learn how it works in order to help you get to grips […]

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