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The second garage revolution

As a child of the 80s and 90s, I often look back fondly at the computers back then. Commodore 64s, Spectrums, Amigas, Amstrads, Ataris, Acorns, and a raft of consoles all bring back memories of what many people refer to as the golden age of computing. When you look back to this period of computing, […]

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Kicking the Ubuntu LoCo engine up a notch

As I alluded to in my rather cheesily titled previous post, Ubuntu LoCo teams are important to me as a core way of building our incredible Ubuntu community up, and better hooking it together. Well, its been a few weeks since that post, so I figured I should fill you in on what I have […]

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LinuxWorld Shazaa

Here in the UK, the Ubuntu UK team have been forming nicely. A relatively new group, there is a huge amount of interest in the team to help push, promote and support Ubuntu where possible in the UK. The team live on the ubuntu-uk mailing list and on #ubuntu-uk on I have been helping […]

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Interview download

Last night I did an interview with the Linux Link Tech Show and it was great fun. They are a good bunch of guys. We talk about Ubuntu, Canonical, my new job, Jokosher, GStreamer, Fluendo, LUGRadio and various other sane and insane subjects. Never, ever, follow a link they suggest you should read. Download it: […]

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Final thoughts

Well, today is my last day at OpenAdvantage and I have been working on a few articles that others may be interested: National Institute of Mental Health in England case study – this is one of the projects I worked on, and it was awesome to take them from an initial curiosity of Open Source […]

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Transparency in process

As I finish up my few remaining days at OpenAdvantage, a few people have mailed me with comments and thoughts about the recent update debacle with Ubuntu. Personally, I have not wanted to blog about it as I have not had a huge amount to bring to the discussion, but Mark’s post brings up some […]

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Raising the bar: Awesome Python and PyGTK tutorials

You know, one of the things I love about the Open Source community is when people demonstrate quality in so many different areas. Every so often someone steps up and demonstrates something they have been working on that is well written, and raises the bar. You can see this in a number of places, but […]

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Easing contributions for creative thinkers

MacSlow brings up some interesting points in his most recent post, and although his idea about the library he suggests makes perfect sense to me, I would like to broaden out the discussion a little to explore ways in which visually creative people and others can better help the desktop experience, without suffering through processes […]

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Rock on GStreamer, rock on

Thanks to Frans van Berckel for mailing in to tell me about LiveSupport. This is a GStreamer based radio management application. Franz actually sent me the link to their development site, but I also had a poke around their main website and it looks like a pretty sweet tool, and another example of the awesome […]

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Diversity is our strength

It has been oft stated that diversity is key for the Open Source community to develop. You don’t have look far to see how diversity plays a key role in software development and community infrastructure construction. We demand not only diverse skill sets (artists, developers, documentation writers, usability engineers, musicians etc.), but also diverse levels […]

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