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Recognising potential through history

As an advocate and consultant, I tend to get exposed to a rich tapestry of reasons why Open Source is great and why it is not so great. I am not going going to bother singing to the choir about the great aspects, but I instead want to discuss one of the oft heard criticisms […]

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Banish The Beard: Donate Now!

You know, I love my beard. I love its length, girth and breadth, its unique whispy feel and its oh-so-metal look. I have had it for six years and it completes me. Despite my affection to the little fella under my chin, I am willing to shave it off for charity at LUGRadio Live 2006. […]

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Microsoft supports OpenDocument

Well, after years of pushing the interoperability line, Microsoft do seem to be actually entertaining the concept of working with others with the announcement that Microsoft Office 2007 with support OpenDocument Format. I am sure the news sites will be crawling with this any time now, but what does it actually mean for us? Is […]

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