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The Art of Community Second Edition Released

Back in 2009 I had my book on community management and best practice published. It was called The Art of Community, published by O’Reilly. When it came out I was pretty nervous. It was arguably the first book on community management, and structuring the many and varied topics of community management into a cohesive text […]

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Chris Anderson Confirmed For 2nd Ed. Foreword

As I mentioned previously, I am working on a second edition of The Art of Community, my book that teaches community leadership and the different skills, challenges, and opportunities therein. The first edition is available under a Creative Commons license (as well as in print form) and designed to be of use to Open Source […]

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The Art of Community: Second Edition Confirmed

In August 2009, my book, The Art of Community was published. After a rigorous writing schedule I was delighted to see it finally hit the (real and e-) bookshelves. As part of the agreement with O’Reilly, I was keen for the book to be released in both print form and under a free Creative Commons […]

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Art Of Community Rated #2 Must Have Social Media Book By Mashable

Two lovely nuggets of Art Of Community information to share: Firstly, The Art Of Community was rated #2 in Top 10 must-have books on social media by Mashable. Wow, I am tickled pink about this. Thanks, Mashable folks! Secondly, I have have heard from a bunch of people that the legendary .net Magazine reviewed The […]

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Two New Articles

Just a quick post to outline two recent articles that are online: Communitizing the community with community tools -thanks to my friends over at ZDNet for publishing this for me. This is an overview of some tools I find awesome for building great communities. Interview with Datamation on The Art of Community – Bruce Byfield […]

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The Art of Community #1 Culture Book on

It may have changed by the time you read this, but The Art of Community has now hit the #1 slot for the Business and Culture category You can see it on this page and you can check out the Art of Community Amazon page here. Go and buy a copy and support the […]

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Art of Community Webinar Soon

Just a quick note: I am doing a webinar on my book The Art of Community at 9am Pacific today. You can join us here.

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Davey And Hull LUG Rock Da House: Video Style

A few days back I launched the The Art of Community Comedy Photo Comp and saw this incredible (video) example posted to YouTube: Can’t see the vid? Click here Awesome work, Davey and Hull LUG! I was chuckling all the way through it, and yes, this absolutely counts in the competition! Think you can do […]

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The Art of Community Comedy Photo Comp

Since I released The Art of Community, one thing has become evident: the people who are buying it are awesome. If you have bought it you are awesome. If you have not, you too can be awesome. This got my mind thinking. We should put a face to the names of these awesome people. Credit […]

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The Art of Community Available For Free Download

When I started work on The Art of Community I was really keen that it should be a body of work that all communities have access to. My passion behind the book was to provide a solid guide to building, energizing and enabling pro-active, productive and enjoyable communities. I wanted to write a book that […]

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