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On Governance

While writing a chapter on governance for the Art Of Community, I kick off the chapter with the wonderful story of how Mike Basinger, a volunteer who has never worked for Canonical Ltd, has been able to serve on two of the most significant governance bodies in the Ubuntu community. I think the story itself […]

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Week Off

Just a quick note to everyone, I am taking the following week off as holiday to write the Art Of Community. This is the second and last week I am taking off to work before I hit the writing deadline. I will be responding to email, but a little slower than usual.

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Writing a Book With Free Software

Some of you have emailed to ask what I am using to write the Art Of Community, and some of my Free Software friends out there have been asking if Free Software tools were used when writing the content. Oh yes. I am writing the book on an Ubuntu laptop and using version 3.0. […]

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Week Off

Just a quick message to everyone that I have taken this week as vacation to spend it working on the Art Of Community. Its been a busy few days so far and I am making some good progress. Details, as usual, are on the blog. I am also pretty excited that Ryan Paul (Ars Technica) […]

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Art Of Community Update

I just wanted to throw a quick update your way regarding the Art Of Community book that I am feverishly working on. On Tuesday last week I threw out a deliberately cryptic announcement about a new project. In the announcement I displayed a motion blurred screenshot of what we now know as the Art Of […]

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