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The Diversity Level

In the past I have talked quite a bit about diversity in this blog. Diversity is critical to the future development and growth of communities, and the strongest communities are ones with a strong sense of equality and diversity, and a governance infrastructure that supports and celebrates that diversity. Importantly, diversity is closely connected to […]

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The Shade Of The Ecosystem

One of the things I love about human nature is that it can be so unpredictable at times. It is this essence of the human condition that generates untold surprise and pleasure, tender moments that define us in so many ways. Unfortunately, the very same condition causes clued-up people to write essays of total unparalleled […]

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On Change

There has been a lot of talk recently about change. One or two of you may have noticed that some new guy has been voted in as President Elect. There is no doubt that this is a momentous time for the United States to have the first African American president voted in with such enthusiasm, […]

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A Shared Culture

From Joi: An excellent video explaining the Creative Commons and what it is here to do. Great work guys, and what a fantastic showcase of Free Culture.

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Building Belonging

Just wanted to let you know that I am confirmed for a keynote at Ohio Linux Fest and I am working on a brand spanking new presentation called Building Belonging. Should be a corker. Well, I hope so. Look forward to seeing you all in Ohio next month.

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Measuring Community

You know what, I love being a community manager. I love the challenges, I love the opportunities, and I love the diversity of application and work. There are of course some frustrating elements, and one of these frustrating elements is the pre-conceived perspectives that some people have about this kind of work, and to make […]

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Balancing Respect and Diversity

Just got back home from attending DebConf over in Argentina. I would like to send out a big thankyou to my Debian friends for making me feel incredibly welcome. I was there with a bunch of other Canonical people – Mark Shuttleworth, Jorge Castro, Matthias ‘doko’ Klose, Kees Cook, Steve Langasek and Celso Providelo. It […]

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Avoiding Burn Out

Well, after all of the theory and contemplation of how to resolve burnout in companies, teams and communities, it seems that one link has the complete solution. Ahhhh…

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Resource Fetishism

Its funny how the same approximate process seems to happen for many communities, and sub-communities in projects. It happens a little like this: A new team forms from a small group of enthusiasts. They create a raft of resources – version control, repositories, mailing lists, IRC channels, bug trackers, councils, forums etc. A discussion happens […]

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