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Growing Our Design Community

As we build towards to the next Ubuntu Developer Summit in a few weeks, we have been getting our blueprints and plans in place to have a comprehensive set of discussions at the event. Unfortunately I won’t be there, fortunately due to an impending bundle of baby joy that will be entering my life, but […]

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Ubuntu Server Community, You Rule

A few days ago Stuart Langridge and I upgraded a machine from 8.04 LTS to 10.04 LTS and then from 10.04 LTS to 12.04 LTS, all over SSH. Both upgrades ran without a hitch. We simply ran do-release-upgrade and everything worked great. Upgrading from a four-year old installation to a current installation with no problem […]

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Further Online Dash Clarifications

Recently there has been some concerns in our community about the online dash search feature, and these concerns have been orientated around the privacy of your data, the legal requirements for how this data is handled, and the effectiveness of the search. These concerns have been taken very seriously inside Canonical and there has been […]

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24 Hours Later. £5133.70 Raised.

Over the last 24 hours the Canonical Community Team spent an entire 24-hour period together working, interviewing community members, planning further work, and fund-raising for our six charities; Oxfam (Daniel Holbach), Greenpeace (David Planella), Little Kids Rock! (Jorge Castro), Autism Research Trust (Michael Hall), WaterAid (Nicholas Skaggs), and Homeless International (Myself). I am delighted to […]

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Horsemen Marathon Schedule Part 1

As part of the 24-hour marathon we are doing lots of interviews, as well as some fun sessions, Q+A sessions on more. Here is the first part of the schedule: 2.00pm UTC – Gema Gomez – Assuring Quality in Ubuntu – we interview Gema Gomez who is part of the Ubuntu QA Team about how […]

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Here Comes The Horsemen Marathon

Gangnam Style. At 10am UTC / 11am UK / 12pm Europe / 3am Pacific / 6am Eastern on Thurs 4th Oct 2012 the Canonical Community Team will be working for a solid uninterrupted 24-hour session. The marathon will involve Daniel Holbach, Jorge Castro, David Planella, Nicholas Skaggs, Michael Hall and myself; six horsemen spread across […]

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The Canonical Community Team and 13.04

Apologies for such a long post, but I want to ensure you all have the necessary information about our focus in 13.04. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments! As we edge towards our next release, I have been preparing my team, the Canonical Community Team, for the forthcoming 13.04 cycle and […]

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Just So You Know…

…I am willing to do stupid things in exchange for money while fund-raising for my charity at our 24 hour Ubuntu marathon on Thursday. We have raised £1515.95 but we need more! DONATE HERE and suggestions welcome in the comments!

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Be a Good Person. Give Me Money.

The other day I announced our 24-hour horsemen marathon. In a nutshell, we in the Canonical Community Team are going to work for a continuous 24-hour session on Thursday next week. Each of us has picked a charity that we are going to support and I wanted to share some words on why I picked […]

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Get Ready For The 24-Hour Horsemen Marathon

This photo taken when we toured with Justin Bieber. See that motley crew above? That is my team, the Community Team at Canonical. I am blessed to have such a wonderful team; not only are they all fantastic community leaders, but they are just a fun bunch of guys in general to be around. A […]

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