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Convergence In The Cloud

Many of you will have heard about Ubuntu’s convergence goals on the client side — running a single, consistent code-base and experience that adapts to phones, desktops, tablets, and TVs…but are you aware of our convergence on the cloud? Ubuntu and our cloud orchestration service, Juju, provides a platform and the tools to be able […]

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Community Leadership Summit 2013 and OSCON Action

If you are going to be in Portland, Oregon in the next few weeks, I wanted to share some of the things I will be doing. If you want a meeting while I am at the Community Leadership Summit and OSCON, please get in touch and we can coordinate. Community Leadership Summit 2013 I founded […]

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Write a Charm, Win $10,000!

Many of you will be familiar with Juju, the powerful cloud orchestration platform we have been building. Ubuntu has become the most popular Operating System in the world for cloud deployments, and Juju brings a powerful orchestration platform with over 100 services ready to deploy. It enables you to build entire environments in the cloud […]

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Simplifying App Websites With Juju

Last week I had a neat idea. Well, at least I think it is a neat idea. Let me share it with you folks to get your take. We have been spending a lot of time refining every aspect of the application development process for writing Ubuntu phone/tablet/desktop applications. This has included: Building a simple, […]

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VPSs, Ubuntu, and Juju

Recently I had a bit of a nightmarish experience that we might be able to transition into an opportunity. Let me share it with you. For many years now I have been running my personal website at The site is nothing special, just my blog and some other content, and I have been running […]

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Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Today we released the highly-anticipated Ubuntu 12.04 LTS release after a busy six month development cycle. The release is available in Desktop (see OMG! Ubuntu!’s great summary), Server, and Cloud Infrastructure form. You can also install the desktop easily from Windows by clicking here. I am hugely proud of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS; I believe it […]

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Ubuntu Cloud Summit in Oakland, California in May 2012

Folks, I just wanted to let you know about an exciting new event that will be happening the same week as the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Oakland, California. Canonical in collaboration with Redmonk will be hosting The Ubuntu Cloud Summit; a one day event for both technology and business attendees interested in how open-source cloud […]

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