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Change I Can Believe In

When I started out on my Open Source adventure, my desktop looked like this: Today, it looks like this: Wow. That is all.

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PyJunior: Call For Documentation Help!

Just a quick note: the PyJunior code is up on Launchpad. Please remember: I wrote this in about two hours and haven’t had any time to clean it up. So, expect warts and all. The Open Sourcerer pointed me at Snake Wrangling for Kids as a great kid-friendly guide for learning Python. My dream now […]

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Thanks Evolution Developers

Yesterday I started using Evolution instead of Thunderbird 3 in Lucid, and I justed wanted to tell the Evo team that they have done a wonderful job. I stopped using Evo due to performance problems, but many of those issues seem to have gone. I am really enjoying my use of it. I don’t think […]

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Audio Connections In Gnome

Yesterday, Pete Graner, leader of the Ubuntu Kernel Team asked me a question: Is it possible to route audio from one application into another as an input. As an example, if on a video or audio chat in Empathy, is it possible to route the output of Rhythmbox or Totem into the input for Empathy […]

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Mergimus: Making Patch And Branch Review Easier In Ubuntu

Recently I blogged about how we are keen to improve patch review in Ubuntu in the 10.10 cycle. Today we are in a position where we have a large collection of fantastic contributions that need reviewing, even if that review feedback is that the patch no longer applies and needs work. I believe part of […]

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Acire and Python Snippets Rockstars

Today Andy Breiner submitted a new Python snippet that demonstrates the use of the os module and Regular Expressions and looks at all the snippets in the Python Snippets library and counts how many people have submitted snippets. This is a great way of seeing how many people are contributing to the project. Well, I […]

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Acire 0.4 Released

I am proud to announce the release of Acire 0.4! This release includes the following new features Documentation Links – many snippets now include links to relavent documentation links, and these are shown right within the Acire interface and just a click away. Alphabetized Lists – the list of categories in Acire and the list […]

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150 Python Snippets. 20 Topics. Nice!

I just wanted to share something I am rather proud of. Python Snippets, the project I put together to gather an archive of simple Python examples that can be viewed with Acire on your desktop. Well, today I merged in our 150th snippet, contributed by Andy Breiner. For the curious, the record-breaking snippet demonstrates how […]

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Quick Acire and Python Snippets Guide

Today someone asked me how to run Acire and Python Snippets from source and contribute more snippets. I just wanted to pop up the instructions quickly here so I can point folks at them. These should work on Lucid and Karmic for sure, and very possibly older versions. First grab the tools you need to […]

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Help Needed! Reviewing And Merging Patches

Nigel Babu has been working to spread the word about gathering some community steam around patches in Ubuntu. We have an incredibly fortunate situation in Ubuntu where lots of people spend their time and effort producing patches which fix bugs, and they share their gifts with the project to help make Ubuntu better. With so […]

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