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Community Leadership Summit 2009

Just a quick message to let you all know that today I announced the Community Leadership Summit 2009 on the 18th and 19th July 2009 in San Jose, California. The event takes place the weekend before OSCON in the same venue: the San Jose McEnery Convention Center. The goal is simple: if those passionate about […]

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The Art Of Community

Today I am proud as punch to announce the Art Of Community. A while back I was approached by Andy Oram, a senior editor at O’Reilly to write a definitive book about how to grow, build and energise a community. This book will be called the Art Of Community. The book covers a wide range […]

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Governments And Free Content Policies

A nice little story for those of you who may have missed it. Last week Larry Lessig blogged about how the new site for Obama included the following at the bottom of the page: CONTENT COPYRIGHT © 2008. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Larry pointed to Chris Messina’s post asking why a Creative Commons license was […]

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Banshee Kickin’ It

Just wanted to throw out a big woohoo to Bockover and co over at Banshee for kicking out Banshee 1.4. I am a big fan of what they are doing, and they are doing some really neat work. The 1.x series is really kicking. The only thing I would really like to see and what […]

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On Lessig

Last night I went along to the launch party for Lawrence Lessig’s new book, Remix: Making Art And Commerce Thrive In The Hybrid Economy. This book is the bridge between Lessig moving from his studies in Free Culture to his work on reform in Congress. It was an excellent evening, and it was great to […]

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Debut Severed Fifth Album Now Available

Digg The Release I am proud to announce the final release of the debut Severed Fifth album Denied By Reign. You can go and download it in its entirety here. There are download links for both Ogg and MP3 as well as BitTorrent links. Thanks to Adam and Neuro for providing mirrors. The full album […]

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Final Denied By Reign Sneak Peeks

Well, after a weekend off of Sneak Peeks from Denied By Reign I want to give you the final three before I release the album tomorrow: Sneak Peek 9 – Ogg MP3 Sneak Peek 10 – Ogg MP3 Sneak Peek 11 – Ogg MP3 If you missed the others, here they are: Sneak Peek 1 […]

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A Shared Culture

From Joi: An excellent video explaining the Creative Commons and what it is here to do. Great work guys, and what a fantastic showcase of Free Culture.

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Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase Winners Announced!

DIGG THIS STORY!! I am absolutely tickled pink to announce the winners of the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase! For those of you living under a rock for the last few months, the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase was an initiative that we ran to showcase free culture artists in each version of Ubuntu. Each time we […]

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