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Life Changing Mistakes

I have a theory (I know, I am full of them). Like most of you, as I have gotten older I have also tried to improve as a person. I am not just talking about being better at what I do with my career and hobbies, but I want to be a genuinely good person […]

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Erica and I just spent a busy few weeks visiting family and friends over in the UK, and it was wonderful to see everyone. My family all get on wonderfully with each other, but my two brothers and I have always lived in different places and this Christmas was the first time we have all […]

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Getting Older

Tomorrow I will turn 32. I have noticed that ever since I got into my thirties, whenever people of a similar age know it is my birthday, the conversation is always amusingly similar. They suddenly turn into the four yorkshiremen, rattling off progressively worsening examples of the ailments of age, about how things ache more […]

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Open Source Health With FitBit

As some of you might remember, I have expressed concerns at times about the physical health of some folks in our community. Some of us are overweight, spend too much time in front of a computer, have less-than-stellar diets, get little exercise, and boast about drinking too much caffeine. While I am not a health […]

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