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Important Speaking Requirements

Over the years I have spoken at various conferences and events. As time has gone on and I have become an increasingly big deal in my own mind I have decided to follow in the guidelines of my spiritual leader and draft some speaker requirements to ensure that you peasants know how I should be […]

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Metal Free Software Song 2: This Time It’s Personal

Many moons ago, when computers were made out of oak and beige slacks, I recorded a heavy metal version of the Free Software Song that Richard Stallman cobbled together. When I recorded this song I didnt really have the right equipment to record a song, and consequently it sounded a bit rubbish. Richard and I […]

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Truth In Pictures

If this makes no sense, listen to the first five seconds of this. (from Jorge)

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Growing The Seeds Of Honour

America. The land of opportunity. A country rooted in the pursuit of The American Dream: a dream defined by life, liberty and opportunity. A country steeped in a culture driven by 44 proud leaders from George Washington to Abraham Lincoln to Barack Obama, and represented in pride and honour by an icon for freedom recognized […]

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Rocking Out: Plastic Guitar Style

When I created my Amazon Wishlist a few weeks back ready for my birthday, I, like any opportunistic cad, added a bunch of different items on there, some of which I never expected a hope in hell to receive. Well, today I had a coffee catch-up planned with my pal and Firefox / Python-testing super-hero […]

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You Don’t See This Very Often…

Something I discovered while looking at the Bolt Thrower website a little while back. I had to share it: All I can say is “Wow”.

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I Invented Twitter

Well kind of…in a way…possibly…OK, not at all. The other day I was digging through some old articles that I wrote. To my amusement, I saw a reference to a little program I hacked up once when I was involved as a KDE developer. I had totally forgotten about it, and I figured it would […]

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Twitter. It Now Makes Sense.

At first I wondered what was the point of twitter. Today I found it: johnleach introduced his cats to squirty cream. one was terrified of it. years of trust building, gone in one short hilarious squirt. You are an amusing man, Mr Leach.

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A question…

Knock knock?

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Ricky Martin. Metal King.

In the tradition of showcasing amusing metal-related videos, Mighty Mike Basinger sends me this nugget: See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor. See the vid here. Mike, you have to much time on your hands, brother.

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