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Rock on, Ed

In the latest in an increasingly long line of amusing metal related videos, I bring you this: Can’t see it? Click here. (lots of naughty words, if that offends you, don’t watch it) Very amusing. Thanks to Klepas for letting me know about this.

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Langridge. Fail.

Interesting conversation yesterday: Stuart ‘Aq’ Langridge – “Yeah, its pretty wicked, y’know, because, I listen that site that streams Commodore 64 music, it is unbelievable greatness.“ Jono – “Commodore 64 music! Can you hear yourself? You are the saddest human being I have ever met! You are Sad 2.0 gimp-a-lot prime.“ Stuart ‘Aq’ Langridge – […]

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If you are not into Pedigree Chum, you are not my friend

Before, I shared with you with this find of death metal comic mockery, and thanks must go to the people who mailed me about this nugget of perfection: Death Metal Puppy – Watch more free videos Can’t see it? See the vid here. My dogs…not like that. It appears my dogs are simply not metal […]

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Earthquake Terror

Last night I was in an earthquake. I was laid in bed reading my book and suddenly the room started shaking, everything rattling and my bed shaking from side to side. It lasted about 3 seconds but was quite freaky. Which exotic location was this? …Wolverhampton. No tell of a lie. An emergency fund has […]

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Step back, put on the protective visor, and get ready for some quickies: I did an interview with Orv at SCaLE about Ubuntu, Canonical, LugRadio, SCaLE, speaking and various other things. Go and grab it here. Ubuntu Developer Week is kicking arse and taking names, and do continue to Digg it. It is going to […]

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Death Metal Bert and Ernie

I always knew they were this metal… via

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Amazing Fact #3452

Wow, it turns out that Jono is queue in Finnish. This amazing fact comes from Lars Wirzenius. I feel a strange sense of pride with this. Queuing is something us Brits do very well. For the Finnish to recognise this, is an honor. Kind of. Keep your comments about ‘crack pipes’ to yourselves, unbelievers.

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Stunned. Peturbed. But Still Stunned.

The web is a wonderful invention. A word-wide network of computers that brings knowledge, education, news, new perspectives, experiences, culture and diversity on a global scale, helping to break down the education divide, helping to free people of restrictive governments, helping people around the world over to learn the knowledge that can help them improve […]

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Hitting The Big Time

Wow, today I got an email from Don Marti, legendary writer that he is: Congratulations — based on links from bloggers who get syndicated on Linux-related Planet sites, you’re at the top of the Linux blog A-list. Good grief. Also, Langridge is at #6. Good stuff. Does this mean that while backstage I can […]

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Mystery Beard

When I got back from London earlier this week I had a few nice presents put through my door for my birthday. Thanks to whoever it was who sent me Hot Fuzz, thanks to Ilan and Maru for Robocop Trilogy, and then there is an oddity. I received this: The package was addresses to Jono […]

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