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Concerned Of Berlin writes in…

“I have killed, and I’d kill again, because I don’t care.” — Malcolm Yates, ISV and Partner Programme, Canonical Ltd.

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J.B. Loves Beard

Haha, it seems that someone has been kind enough to create fake LiveJournal accounts for myself and Aq. No idea who is behind it, but should be fun. Never been the subject of satire before, well apart from appearing on Linus’s t-shirt in Everybody Loves Eric Raymond. And no, I am not behind it, much […]

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Life can treat you in new and different ways

Sometimes a situation in life unveils itself, and it is a thing of unparalleled beauty. Such experiences are infrequent, but their rarity is compensated by magnificence, elegance and grace. Importantly, these occurrences are defined by the combination and the whole; the elements, seemingly bland and uninteresting in the singular, coming together to form an event […]

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He will climb it, fish it, ride it, jump it and then blog it

Glynn Foster, the Face Of Sun, is clearly the new MacGyver. Respec’

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Google are the comedy

See for yourself: go to click on Maps. click on get Directions. from: New York, USA to: Paris,France. …and read line #24 Nice.

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I have recently discovered comedy gold on YouTube – music video interpretations. The basic idea is that someone takes a song and makes a video with an interpretation of the lyrics, to great comedy effect. It seems YouTube is teeming with them, and here are some of the good ones I have discovered for some […]

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Another nugget of wisdom for you all

I have discovered a comedy gem: Tear off a tiny piece of paper and roll it up into a little ball that can fit between your thumb and forefinger. Holding said ball, pretend to pick your nose with your fingers, hiding the ball near your nostril. Stare at someone in the room, and when they […]

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Spoofed email

Funny, I got some email from Matt mentioning something about some Hot Goat Pornography!!1!1!! and informing me about willing barnyard companions and I actually believed it was from him. Looks like he should not have told me about that club he went to last night in Amsterdam…

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Proof, at last

With Irish blood in my family, I always knew and assumed it was a custom to walk around with a pig under your arm. Its just the way life is. No-one believed me, and the cynics all stood afar indulged in mockery. Well, I have proof. This has been here for some months, but I […]

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Don’t trust him

Christian Schaller is an idiot. He tripped and fell into a bin. Thats right, a bin.

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