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Jokosher Interview recently did an interview with the legendary Laszlo Pandy who is one of the two lead developers of Jokosher. It is a great read. Go Laszlo! Jokosher has made some insanely great progress in recent months – it is solid, stable, and multi-channel recording is largely complete. I am hugely proud of everything Jokosher […]

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Jokosher recording getting stable

Today the Jokosher Hackfest happened, and we all worked on understanding and fixing some of the remaining bugs in Jokosher. I spent my time in the hackfest triaging most of the remaining New bugs, and testing some of the key ones. I am pleased to report that recording is working pretty solidly now due to […]

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Jokosher hack sessions this week

We have an interesting situation with Jokosher. We are close. So. Very. Close. Just a little more bug fixing and we can get out a release that everyone can use reliably. However, we need help. We need people to come and test Jokosher, and to bug-fix where possible. To make this easier to get involved, […]

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Debugging Jokosher Guide

Hello everyone. I like Jokosher. I think its a cool piece of software, with the right direction and a great bunch of people working on. Sure, I am biased, but nonetheless, Jokosher is an exciting project that has the opportunity to really redefine how we record music on a free software platform. But we have […]

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Introduction to Jokosher testing, this Sunday, be there!

With the recent release of Jokosher 0.9 we are begging the Open Source community to test it and provide some valuable feedback that we can use to fix bugs. The problem is that debugging problems and issues to provide feedback for developers can be difficult if you have never done it before. Well, this Sunday […]

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Jokosher 0.9 released

Jokosher 0.9 is out! Go and download it! If you are running Ubuntu it is as simple as installing two packages. Even easier on Gutsy, it is available in the repositories. Please, please, please test it, report bugs and share your experiences in our forums. We are gagging for feedback about what does and does […]

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Jokosher updates

Lots of Jokosher news to report. Once again, I am going into bullet time to keep this short and sharp: We are building towards the 0.9 release. If you are running on Feisty you will have all dependencies apart from an updated Gnonlin which you can download here for i386 and AMD64. Thanks to John […]

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Jokosher update

Jokosher fans, time for an update. The 0.9 release was delayed for quite some time due to a nasty bug in Gnonlin which has now been fixed, and we awaiting the legend Hervey to make his Gnonlin imminent release with the fix in before we make our release. This delay has in-turn caused a delay […]

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I was delighted to wake up today and see Jimmac’s Jokosher Waveform Mockups. This is one of the things I love most about Open Source and collaborative development – we all have our different skills and abilities, and when you take someone such Jimmac, with his excellent artistic abilities, it sparks new ideas and thoughts […]

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Jokosher YouTube’d

Adam Gautier has been kind enough to split into parts the Jokosher talk I did at LCA and put it on YouTube. So, Jokosher fans, check it out.

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