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Jokosher: Call For Testers

On Friday last week, Jokosher hit its feature freeze. This means that no new features will enter Jokosher and the next month will be spent purely on bug-fixing. As some of you will know, there has actually been little major new functionality in Jokosher since 0.2 – this release is about bug-fixing and getting Jokosher […]

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Interviewed on Linux Action Show

The other day I did an interview with the fellas on the Linux Action Show. They are nice guys, good fun, and the interview covered my work with Ubuntu, Jokosher, my new book and lots of discussion. Go and download it.

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Usability and GNOME video from LCA

On the Monday at LCA, there was a GNOME Love session as part of In this session a bunch of us shouted out things to discuss, and I shouted out ‘application design and usability’. What I didn’t realise was that shouting out a suggestion mean’t volunteering to talk about it. Oof! So, I got […]

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LCA Jokosher talk video online

My first talk at which was about Jokosher has gone online in video form. The LCA A/V bods did a great job of recording this, and the video includes my main talk about the history and direction of Jokosher, a demo and a Q+A session. Thanks to some of you for mirroring this. Download: […]

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First Jokosher recorded podcast

Well folks, today is a first for the Jokosher project, and I present the very first podcast show recorded in Jokosher! To test the current state of Jokosher, I decided to record The State Of Jokosher one morning in Sydney while nursing a hangover (so forgive the rather tired, croaky, monotonal voice). This was recorded […]

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LCA Talk #1: Done

Just did my first talk at LCA, this one about Jokosher. An updated version of my GUADEC 2006 talk, it covers the history of Jokosher, how it came about, thoughts on UI design and where we are going. I banged through the presentation and then topped it off with a demo and questions at the […]

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The man, the legend, Chris Procter has written up another Jokosher report on the Jokosher Forums. Chris is writing regular reports to fill you folks in on the specifics of whats going on with the project. Speaking of which, for you LCA bods – I am speaking about Jokosher tomorrow (Tue 15th Jan) at the […]

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Heading to Australia

On Friday 12th Jan I fly out to After 26 hours of deep-vein-thrombosis-flight-action, I will be there for the full week and will be doing two talks, one being the first showing of How to Herd Cats and Influence People on the Thursday and the second being Riding By The Seat Of Your Pants: […]

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Jokosher News II: This Time Its Personal

While the last blog entry is still smouldering with newness, I have some late breaking news that you lovely people should know about – namely about Jokosher in distributions and a brand spanking new extension. Jokosher 0.2 is now available for Ubuntu Feisty and Arch Linux. Inside those distros, just install the package and run […]

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2006 Retrospective

This time one year ago, I was peering into 2006 wondering what the year would bring. Back then I worked at OpenAdvantage as an Open Source Advocate. I knew 2006 would be a challenging year, and back then I was gritted and determined to help push free software and myself as best as I could. […]

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