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Using Gnonlin with GStreamer and Python

I actually started writing this tutorial back in September but have been hugely busy and not got round to posting it. Well, I managed to pull my finger out and get it online. Enjoy! Friends, a while back I posted a short tutorial to get you lovely people up and running using GStreamer and Python. […]

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Raise a glass

Well, its late on Christmas Eve and I am a bit drunk and about to get to bed. I just wanted to say a quick Happy Christmas to everyone! This has been a roller-coaster of a year for me, and a lot of people have helped it to run smoothly. A quick thanks to the […]

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Know your limits

I suck at coding. I really do. Its odd y’know, as when I was a kid I really, really wanted to be a good coder, the whole idea of writing code and running programs excited me. The idea of controlling the raw power of that 386 got me all-a-fruity sometimes. Not for want of trying, […]

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Getting the new tune…

…is proving difficult right now as Recreant View is having DNS problems. is also having the same DNS quirks. I have copied the new blastbeat-double-bass-drum-metal-tastic tune to so you can grab it. So, to hear Take The Test, go and download the Ogg or download the MP3. Normal service should be resumed shortly. […]

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Jokosher interview

Kings of true multi-track recording, Laszlo and Luke (by day they hack Jokosher, by night they fight crime) have been interviewed about Jokosher on the Linux Action Show. Check it out!

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Seeded Drum Test

Recently I have been working on a new song which is very intense on the drums. Tonight I managed to nail it all in time, resulting in pretty achey legs. Anyway, I figured I would put a sampler online as the song won’t be ready for a while due to Christmas. Download the 30 sec […]

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Speaking engagements

Well, I have some speaking engagements lined up. Right now they are not on my speaking page, but I plan to add them soon. They are: Jokosher – Mon 11th Dec 2006 – West Yorkshire Linux User Group, Leeds, England – Aq and I are presenting the latest from the Jokosher project. How to Herd […]

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Modifiying GStreamer pipelines in PLAYING

Recently there has been some discussion in the Jokosher team about creating an abstraction for our main GStreamer pipeline. Jokosher is probably one of the most complex Open Source GStreamer applications out there right now, and managing the state of the pipeline is becoming complex. In GStreamer the pipeline has different states – NULL, READY, […]

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Jokosher: the road to 1.0

Well, Jokosher 0.2 has been out for nearly a week and we have been getting some excellent feedback. The main aim of the 0.2 release was to kick out something that early adopters could test and give us plenty of feedback about what works well and what works not-so-well. Much of this feedback has been […]

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Jokosher 0.2 Released

Yes people it has finally happened. I have just written up the announcement: The Jokosher team are proud to announce the second pre-release of their simple yet powerful audio studio for the GNOME desktop. The new 0.2 version of the software has been in active development since July, and has packed Jokosher with the core […]

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