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Video report of UDS

While at the Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) the week before last, I took part in an interview with Joe ‘Zonker’ Brockmeier about the UDS, community and Jokosher. He has written up a report, complete with video interviews with myself, Matt Zimmerman, Murray Cumming and Mark Shuttleworth. Check it out here.

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Jokosher bug-fixing update

I figured it is time for a Jokosher update. As many of you will know, I have been at the Ubuntu Developer Summit for the last week at Mountain View, and I am now in San Francisco at our Allhands company summit. Jokosher really rocked at UDS, and lots of people were interesting in our […]

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UDS nearly done

Well, the UDS finishes up tomorrow, and lots has been going on. Ready for some bullet points? READY? OK, you got it you filthy bullet point fiends: The spec about unifying resources with Launchpad was very productive, and there was some discussion of it being rolled out for planets and user maps. This will not […]

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GStreamer Dynamic Pads, Explained

(for an intro to GStreamer, see my previous article) You know, one thing that gets people confused in GStreamer is the idea of Dynamic Pads. Some elements, most notably the decodebin and gnlcomposition only have certain pads at certain times. This is because they figure out what kind of content they are processing, and apply […]

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Jokosher Bugs now on Launchpad

After some discussion earlier today, the Jokosher team have decided to use Launchpad as our bug tracking system. We have been having some troubles using trac’s ticketing system, and Launchpad has a number of benefits for us: Anyone can register and submit bugs. We can share triaging across a team of developers. The same login […]

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Jokosher screenshot

A bunch of you wanted to see what Jokosher 0.2 is looking like. Here is a screenshot:

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Highlight your fave open musician

This is an important blog post, and everyone should read it and think about it. That includes you, who is already tempted to skip over this blog post and read Shame on you. Think of the children…. The whole ethos behind Jokosher is about making music production simple with Open Source, but part of […]

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Jokosher 0.2, nearly frozen

Well, after some months of hacking, Jokosher 0.2 enters its freeze at 12.00am on Nov 1st. 0.2 has a bunch of new features: Volume Curve Mixing – with an intuitive selection system, you can easily draw volume curves that occur in realtime. Effects Support – Jokosher 0.2 includes support for LADSPA effects. This opens up […]

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LinuxWorld Report

UPDATE: Sorry folks, I had to remove the inline photos as was getting hammered by the traffic. I have instead put links in. Offers of hosting to the usual address Well, that was LinuxWorld. The last two days have been extremely busy, but productive and great fun. I figured it would be worthwhile to […]

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LinuxWorld London is kicking arse. The Ubuntu army have taken hold and there is a buzz. The Jokosher boys are spreading the love. LUGRadio won an award for Best Marketing Campaign. More later when (a) I am not drunk and (b) I have time. Out.

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