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Back From The Abyss

Today Aq and I just did a server upgrade and jonobacon@home should be much faster now. In the interim there may be a few quirks here and there. Just let me know and I will get them fixed. Thanks for your patience, folks!

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Website Updates

Today I flipped the switch on some changes I have made over the Christmas holiday to Hopefully these changes should make using the site much nicer. A few notes: I have installed a new theme. I still have some small CSS tweaks to make here and there, so do let me know what you […]

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jb@home Rockstar Choices

A few weeks ago I wanted to thank the top three jonobacon@home comment posters at the time (Adam Williamson, Ethan Anderson and Vadim Peretokin) for their contributions to the site. I offered to buy them a DVD or CD. Well, I figured it would be interesting to show what they picked, although I am not […]

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jb@home Rockstars

One thing I am most proud of about is that there is some great discussion in the comments. It seems the most magical aspect of blogging is that no matter what I babble on about, it invariably results in some interesting discussion in the comments. Thanks to everyone who has participated over the years. […]

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Housekeeping Improvements

Just a few quick housekeeping notes. Firstly, I have added a little sidebar section that displays those rock and roll readers who have posted the most comments. The ranking is over the last year. Our Top 10 is currently: Vadim P. (19) Adam Williamson (15) ethana2 (13) mrben (10) Tom Mann (10) Wolfger (9) […]

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Comments now fixed

Well, I just discovered that the majority of comments for were being held in a moderation queue for the last four months – it seems my anti-spam filter was being a bit urgent. I have just approved over 400 comments – how annoying that this happened. Sorry about that folks. Normal service should be […]

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Hitting The Big Time

Wow, today I got an email from Don Marti, legendary writer that he is: Congratulations — based on links from bloggers who get syndicated on Linux-related Planet sites, you’re at the top of the Linux blog A-list. Good grief. Also, Langridge is at #6. Good stuff. Does this mean that while backstage I can […]

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Site updates

Just a quick housekeeping update. I made some changes to to tidy some things up: Speaking Events – Speaking events are listed much more clearly now, and I have also added my current schedule of events for the first few months of 2007. Its gonna be a busy year, so do keep an eye […]

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Server move happening soon

Yep, I am moving to a new server, so will go away for a day or so. If you can’t handle the pain, I recommend you take a screenshot, print it out and place it next to your pillow to remind you of the good times. Normal service will be resumed soon…

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New site, Planet GNOME and LUGRadio Live

Firstly, after my custom site punched me in the face one too many times, I have moved to WordPress. My old site was becoming a little too unwieldy, and the benefits of moving to WordPress outweighed the disadvantages. So, check out and its snazzy new design. Secondly, hello Planet GNOME! Finally, LUGRadio Live 2006 […]

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