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Brand New Lernid Released

Ready for the awesomeness that is Ubuntu Opportunistic Developer Week, we have a shiny new Lernid for you all to rock the week with. Lernid is the online learning tool for getting the most out of our learning weeks. It makes connecting a doddle and provides interactive features such as showing slides, web pages and […]

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Passing On The Lernid Torch

This week has been a big week for Lernid in which it has received some comprehensive testing, feedback and exposure because of the always awesome Ubuntu Developer Week. It has been fantastic to see Ubuntu Developer Week session leaders using slides and the features in Lernid to get the most out of their sessions. Lernid […]

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Ubuntu Developer Week Begins and New Lernid Release To Enjoy It With

This week the always awesome Ubuntu Developer Week starts! I am hugely excited about this week, and I can’t wait to see the many fantastic sessions that will be taking place. Connecting to Ubuntu Developer Week has never been easier, with Lernid. Just in time for Ubuntu Developer Week I have rolled out a new […]

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Lernid 0.4 Released And Demo

I have just released Lernid 0.4 to the Lernid Releases PPA. This release incorporates the final features that I planned out for the first major release, and it is now onto bug fixing in preparation for our first full-scale event that can use Lernid – Ubuntu Developer Week. Many of you are probably curious to […]

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Lernid: Progress And Walkthrough

Tonight I completed a bunch of hacks on Lernid and a number of new bug fixes, improvements and refinements have landed. To best explain where Lernid stands, I wanted to perform a little walkthrough of how it works. Imagine you are interested in joining the fictional Ubuntu Example Week event. No longer do you need […]

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Lernid Gets Presentation Support

I just wanted to share a cool new feature I just hacked into Lernid today. The current cut of the feature is still very new, but it works great. I have added slide support. This is how it works: imagine you are giving a session at the upcoming UBuntu Developer Week or Ubuntu Open Week. […]

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Unchaining The Opportunistic Programmer

Recently I have been writing a lot about Lernid, an application that makes online learning events more fun and more accessible, and at the heart of what has enabled me to write Lernid is Quickly; a framework for scratching itches. Quickly has enabled me to re-connect with my coding mojo, and deliver the fruits of […]

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Lernid 0.3 Brings The Rock And Roll

Today I kicked out a new release of Lernid – Lernid 0.3. This release packs in some juicy new features and bug fixes, and we are edging closer to Lernid 1.0 ready for our next major learning event: Ubuntu Developer Week. This release brings the following new features: Refined Interface – the interface has been […]

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Lernid Karmic Daily Builds Now Available

Thanks to the awesome Nathan ‘nhandler’ Handler, we now have a daily builds PPA for Lernid. This means you can run the unstable, daily, crack-of-the-day version of Lernid and have it delivered automatically right to your desktop. Currently it is built for Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala, and you can suck in the goodness by running: […]

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Lernid Gets Notifications, Browser Updates and Translations

Hi all, just weighing in with another update on my pet project – Lernid. I have added a bunch of new features this week to Lernid: Notifications – events that are shown in the event list will now appear in the notification area. A notification bubble will pop up 10 minutes before an event begins […]

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