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Lernid Gets ‘Real’ Events

Another quick Lernid update. So far, Lernid has merely provided a streamlined interface to the common components in Ubuntu Open Week or Ubuntu Developer Week. I have just completed some work which starts bringing unique value to Lernid as a user interface for these events. I have been wanting to have a means of providing […]

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Lernid 0.2 Released

I am pleased to announce an early snapshot release of Lernid: a little program to make connecting to Ubuntu learning events simple. Lernid is still very much in development, and still needs lots of work before it is ready for our next event, but I have had people badgering me for a package, so here […]

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More On Lernid

Time for a quick update on Lernid, a little program I have been writing to make it as easy as possible to get involved in online Ubuntu events such as Ubuntu Open Week and Ubuntu Developer Week. This is how it looks right now: Here is a summary of the recent changes: Better Classroom – […]

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