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First LugRadio Live USA 2008 Exhibitors Confirmed!

Organisation for LugRadio Live USA 2008 on the 12th and 13th April 2008 in San Francisco coninues apace, and we are in the process of confirming exhibitors. Our first raft of exhibitors have just been confirmed, and I can announce them as: Google Dice GNOME PostgreSQL O’Reilly OpenSuSE Linden Labs Magnatune gOS Neuros Sun Texas […]

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LugRadio Birthday Drinks

Just a quick note – the chaps on the show (Aq, Adam and Chris) and I are heading out with ex-presenters Matthew Revell and Ade Bradshaw for a few celebratory birthday drinks this Friday (29th Feb). Everyone is welcome. We will meet at 8pm at The Varsity in central Wolverhampton (address is Stafford Street, Wolverhampton, […]

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LugRadio – Four Years Old Today

DIGG! Well, today LugRadio turns 4. Quite a roller-coaster it has been too. Just over four years ago, in the far corner of The Moon Under Water pub in Wolverhampton, we hatched the idea of LugRadio. For a while I had been thinking of doing on online radio show about Open Source, and when Matt […]

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Season 5 Episode 12

Can’t see the vid, click here LugRadio Season 5 Episode 12 is out. It features a royal Chris kicking, discussion of Open Source celebrity, results of the Pimp My LugRadio competition (of which the above video is one entry), a brand new competition, discussion of LugRadio Live USA 2008 which of course has registration open. […]

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Pimp My LugRadio and win an EEEPC

Everyone is banging on about the EEEPC, and rightly so; it rocks a big ‘un. On Season 5 Episode 7 of LugRadio we reviewed it and gave it a unanimous thumbs-up. Thankfully, the review model we got from Dale at EfficientPC was not just for review, but to give away in our Pimp My LugRadio […]

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2007 in Review, 2008 on the Drawing Board

So here we are, drawing 2007 to a close, and what a year it has been! Understatement of the century. I think 2007 has possibly been the most turbulent year of my life, filled with its share of good and bad times, and a year in which I have felt a great degree of personal […]

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Ladies and Gentleman, a few quickies to shoot out here: Open Source On Sunday Dec. 16th, Richard Johnson (nixternal) and (hopefully) Mario Limonciello (superm1) will be leading an Ubuntu Packaging Jam to teach the fine art of software packaging. This is your chance to learn how to take code and package it. We want to […]

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LugRadio Season 5 Episode 5 released!

LugRadio Season 5 Episode is out! Go and grab it! On this episode: Havoc Pennington and Colin Walters from Red Hat talk about the Gnome Online Desktop project (1.23) Do we need rockstar programmers? Prompted by Thomas “marnanel” Thurman talking about the hard but unglamorous work that he and the rest of the Metacity team […]

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We love Linux Format, yes we do

Wow, today it was discovered that LugRadio scored the top spot in a round-up of Linux podcasts in Linux Format magazine. Before the tin-foil hat brigade chime in, I haven’t written for the magazine for a few years, and was completely unaware of the test, so had no option at trying to influence the eventual […]

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LugRadio Season 5 Episode 3

Season 5 Episode 3 is released: In the latest episode of LugRadio, the team interview Quim Gil from Nokia about the newly announced Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, discuss how liable software vendors should be for security holes, packaging software for Ubuntu/Debian and use the finger of god to help guide the team forward, all wrapped […]

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