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Short bursts of stuff: This week Ubuntu Open Week kicks off. Be there or be square – it is your chance to be a part of the Ubuntu community and learn from the masters. A bunch of new speaking slots are confirmed for me including LinuxTag, OSCON, Ubuntu Live and others. I will be updating […]

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OK, I have a few things to cover in this blog post, so hang tight. Dammit, that sucks – Unfortunately I have had to cancel my appearance at the Free Software and Open Source Days 2007 event in Turkey. I wish I could attend the event but alas, circumstances mean that I can’t. Apologies to […]

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LUGRadio Live 2007 – Get those papers in!

Wow, we have been getting some pretty cool papers submitted for the glorious and spectacular LUGRadio Live 2007, but we are greedy for more. This blog gets aggregated on more sites than I care to imagine, so people, get submitting your papers NOW! and be a part of the legend that will be LUGRadio Live […]

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LUGRadio Live 2007!

As one of the four large gents I am pleased to announce LUGRadio Live 2007 will happen on the 7th and 8th July 2007 at The Lighthouse in Wolverhampton, England. LUGRadio Live is an awesomely cool, fun, social and interesting two-day conference based around Open Source, free software and related subjects. The show packs in […]

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Heading to Australia

On Friday 12th Jan I fly out to After 26 hours of deep-vein-thrombosis-flight-action, I will be there for the full week and will be doing two talks, one being the first showing of How to Herd Cats and Influence People on the Thursday and the second being Riding By The Seat Of Your Pants: […]

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2006 Retrospective

This time one year ago, I was peering into 2006 wondering what the year would bring. Back then I worked at OpenAdvantage as an Open Source Advocate. I knew 2006 would be a challenging year, and back then I was gritted and determined to help push free software and myself as best as I could. […]

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Raise a glass

Well, its late on Christmas Eve and I am a bit drunk and about to get to bed. I just wanted to say a quick Happy Christmas to everyone! This has been a roller-coaster of a year for me, and a lot of people have helped it to run smoothly. A quick thanks to the […]

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Another post outlining something that seems rather cool, but unnoticed. Last time it was Flightgear. A mail to the LUGRadio email address pointed to a media player called Exaile. It is a GTK based media player using GStreamer, written in Python, and aims to be the same kind of kitchen-sink media player that Amarok is […]

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LinuxWorld Report

UPDATE: Sorry folks, I had to remove the inline photos as was getting hammered by the traffic. I have instead put links in. Offers of hosting to the usual address Well, that was LinuxWorld. The last two days have been extremely busy, but productive and great fun. I figured it would be worthwhile to […]

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Meetup near Stuttgart?

I will be at the Technische Akademie Esslingen in Ostfildern (near Stuttgart) all day on Friday for the 10th KDE anniversary event. If there are any Kubuntu, Ubuntu, LUGRadio, Jokosher or other Open Source people who want to meet up, post a reply here or drop me a mail.

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